Tuesday, 4 March 2008

did she know already?
did she realized it before someone else does?
did she? is that why she's doing all this to me?
as a form of helping me?
i want to know...
why is she saying all these, why is she doing all these,
its like...
she's trying to create chances..
i feel but i am not sure...
is she or is just me perasan-ing?

i want answers...
i want to know..
i am curious...
i am blur..
i ......

why is it so hard??
if i ask her, and she doesn't know whats going on, it means im telling my own secret..

all the things she said...
is she trying to give a hint??

are they joining forces to make me feel bad??
what if whatever she told me is fake?

how if all this is just a trap...

sighhh.... only 3 person knows..
god, me and anonymous...

the others, stop asking nonsense larrr.......


interact carnival on 22nd of March 2008
venue: ACS Sitiawan
time: 9am - 2pm
guest: Jin (11.30am - 12pm)

this is so unfair. i wanna go interact carnival too. i dont know why is it unfair but its unfair cause i feel its unfair. haha.

i miss those times..
first year, i was with the roti jala stall, second year i was the supervisor of the dunno what lame games stall, third year i was with the lok lok stall. i think thats all.
one more thing to miss about school.
one day where i can go out of the house before the sun rises and goes back when the sun sets and i actually had fun.
altho tiring.
i remember we went into the haunted house one year, and then we scream like hell.
and after that, we never go to haunted house anymore.

and then, there was this once, we had to clean after the carnival..
and the drain was so dirty with those left overs..
i am one of those very lucky people who have to stick our hands into the yucky smelly drain to take out those yucky smelly ewwwwww sampah which consists of plastic bags, foods (bluekkkk) and whatever...

and there was once, i cycled in total darkness to school because i think its fun to do so. grandma was super worried but i insist..
all i could think is the fun of cycling in the dark alone..
never think of the dangers.

and the joy of selling those coupons..
have to be thick face and sell..

school and college is like two different world...

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