Wednesday, 16 April 2008

can u believe if i say i sweat till i get headache??
damn la... this really happen to me...
and i feel like im so good at spending money..
who on earth would reload twice in three days for a prepaid number that she wouldnt even use?

and, who on earth would be so so lazy, she left her keys in the car everyday...
and the keys just ko..
lol.. have to change battery in like 4 mths....

and.... who on earth would dig for a letter in the mail box for half an hour..
only to find a slimy yucky earthwork stucked on the other side of the wet wet letter...
and what the hell... the letter, which she assume is important, turns out to be an catalog..

and who on earth will be so lazy to go out when she's home and then rather eat unhealthy food?


i have headache.
i have esl draft.
i have econs homework.
i want my bed.
i wanna sleep.
i will sleep now.
i know its early.
but who cares.

headache dai sai ok..



v: u makan edi anot??
me: yes
v: what u makan today??
me: maggi and roti
v: why u dun wan go out makan??
me: lazy laaaa
v: wat la u... *speechless*


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