Monday, 21 April 2008


i am tired. very tired. imagine three hours of accounting in one day. one early in the morning, then late in the afternoon and another one shortly after that. im going crazy. i slept for only 3 hours last night. i cant sleep i dont know why.

now, i have to do my english, which i volunteered to do cause they have their moral test tml. dun blame me if i give shitty piece of work ok. my english damn lan wan ok.

and then, i have to look for legals cpt thing.

and lastly, i am very very not in the mood.

i dont understand why the family treat me like a 3 year old.
i am OLD enough to know whats going on.
i am old enough to have the RIGHT to know.
i am not a small kid anymore.
dont need to hide things like that from me.

i am angry because i am the very last person to know.
how come mum is the first person to know, but didnt even bother to msg and tell me?
i am part of the family and part of the house also ok.
there's possibility my things may be missing ok.

the house got
broken into
& i am the
last person to
know about it.


me call L...

me: why u call ?? cuming back dinner ant?? im in 99, anything u want me to buy?
L: im on the way back to sitiawan edi..
me: har?? why u going back??
L: what why???
me: why la u go back... what happen???
L: mama house last night kena burglar...
me: HAR?? what *thinking that he might be kidding*
L: people break into the house last night la
me: u serious ah??? really anot one>??
L: really la im now on my way back alrd...

im alrd out of 99 that time, in the car heading home...called mum...

me: *talk something crap* im using this number this week..
mum: har?? how come u got this number one>??
me: got la.. very long ago also i got edi
mum: where are u now??
me: outside de house i just reach onli
mum: why so late??
me: i got de tution ma today.. and i go library
*bla bla bla*
me: u know ma ma house kena break in anot??
mum: i know ahhh.. i am the FIRST one to know...*walaoeh.. she sound so bangga to be de first one ok*
me: means im the last one to know la...
mum: YES.. *walaoeh... still dare to say so loud yes worrrrr*
me: *crap crap crap.. k bye...

start tak syok liao... how come i am the last one to know?? why no one ever bother to tell me???

go in the house, V lying there...

me: *stare at him....* big cle going back sitiawan
V: early also he went back edi lo...
me: swt
V: this weekend help ma ma clean house
me: har?? why.??? *jual mahal.. still dun wan tell me story...*
V: clean la why...

me go upstairs to my room, call grandma...

me: what happen???? zhe me yang??? hai hao ma???
MAMA: what u mean>>>?? what do u know???
me: haiya no need to hide anymore la.. i know already la....things like that also want to hide from me.. PLEASE LAR...
MAMA: who tell u one??
me: haiya.. please la ok... like that also wan to hide from me... come on larrr...
MAMA: just like that lo...nothing much....
*continues with the details...*
me: my room how?? anything missing??
MAMA: nothing la.. just de drawer let the fella rosakkan onli
me: oh like that ah *wtf...babi that fella*


to the smart ass who broke into
my grandparent's house,
and most importantly,
my ROOM,


may u rot in hell,
no ass, damn u,
i hope u kena hit by lightning
everytime u go out,
pasu bunga drop from sky,
hit ur head,
u become gong gong,
so u cant break into anyone's house anymore..

ps: if anything from my room go missing..
i will make sure u tak de zuriat...
no matter what,
i will curse u till u have the worst luck in this lifetime.

i wont curse for u to die.
i want u to suffer.
suffer for the rest of ur life.
what the fucking hell u idiot.

u are lucky my grandparents are unharm.
if not, i cincang u to a million pieces,
feed u to stray dogs in the market.

damn u fucking idiot.

go look for a job la babi lu..

if u are a illegal immigrant, si beh babi lu, balik lu punya negara la.

sial punya orang...

neh de....

i bet u're a drug addict...
because normal burglar are smart
not like u.. idiot...

so expensive de watch display there u dun wan take..
go find money oni...

babi lu...
if my blue mickey mouse wallet goes missing,
u jaga jaga sikit la...

i will curse u...
drink water also choke but dont die
eat nice food also taste like shit
every morning walk out is either u will step on cow dung,
or u will fall into the smelly longkang...

mr. burglar,
everything in blue is for u..

damn u..


@ 10.50pm, aunty called and ask me not to worry..

me: hello
E: hye hows coll??
me: like that lorr.. as usual...
E: have u called home??
me: yes..just now
E: mama and kung kung is ok... so dun worry yah...
me: im not worried...
E: u not worried?? *her response so cute lo*
me: i know they're ok so i dun worry la...
E: study hard ya..
bla bla bla...

*i never know my aunty is so cute..kejap ask ppl dun worry.. kejap response like...its so wrong not to worry..hehehhe*


Winnie C said...

Tell me what he stole.

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

all i know is money, money and money...

i dont know whether thres anything missing from my room anot.. cause.. lol... my grandparents never know whats in my drawer.. heheh...

but i think my room is safe cause there's no cash there... only a lot of junks...

i think it wud be junk to that damn idiot...cause they're worthless to him..

damn la...

if anything goes missing in my room, even a single sheet of paper, one picture or one pin or whatever,
i am so gonna curse him til the day i die..,

mr. rusty said...

ouchies for mr. burglar =/

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...