Wednesday, 2 April 2008

i have something to say.

1. i am loving my life, and also hating it at the same time
it may not sound possible, but this does happen.

2. i am confused about something.
better not say it here.

3. am i too "whatever"?
i mean.. my "tidak apa" attitude... whatever u ask me, i sure say, whatever, anything ...
is it BAD?

4. i feel something, but, i donno..

5. i cannot sleep.
i am tired, but i am also... having sleepless nights..
i wake up super early everyday..since this week..
and u know what?? i really cant sleep back.. its like.. separuh sedar..
i dont know but then, i am awake and im asleep..
i know whats going on around me..
did i sleep too early?? no i dont think so...
imagine waking up at 3.30am to 4am.. and cant sleep......
and i wake up, my eyes are red, but then, when i sampai coll, its not red anymore...

6. i want to watch all the movies in the cinema..
but i told myself i wont go pyramid anymore..
till i saved enough money..

7. i have tons of assignments, projects, common tests..
help me, anyone??

8. i can see disaster coming...
its on the way...


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