Friday, 11 April 2008

latest update:

i MIGHT FAIL my English presentation. =(

just went thru the oral presentation just now. omg im not scared im not nervous but wtf, im blank. i spend half the time staring at her. and my points, omg. fear fear fear.
thats all i talked about.. and i got a pretty broad topic kay!!... ishhhhh....


MyStErIoUs_gAl said...

hello there dearie tze...dun worry about it too much ler...since u have already done let's just hope for the u worry also no use...u cant turn back time ady...u always tell me...'LIFE IS SHORT' ma...right??N 'WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPENED ON THE NEXT DAY' do rmb that hor..uhave to stay happy everyday whenever u can...thiongs that have passed...just let it be n hope for the best for the next day..u have got my prayers...:)..take care...:)

mr. rusty said...

i dun think ms. jenny ever failed us. lol. and she is quite strict wan rite? so i think u dun have to worry abt it too much. hehe.

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

agnes ahhh, im not rellly worried.. just that the fact that i failed.. even oral presentation... ishh... is like.. how cud someone possibly fail her oral?? its like go in, crap and come out right?? at least there's some marks for that righttt??

hahah dun worry i'll be fine

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

mr rusty,

miss jenny is toooo nice to her studs... she'll never fail her studs no matter what... she helps in all the ways she could.. and when no one listens to her, she nags.. and when she nags, lagilahhh no one listen to her... which makes her nags more.. lol..

i remember my oral with jenny.. i was damn nervous.. u were there too with carson and ardeena...then, when its my turn, i went in, and i crapped about world vision.. i still rmbr!!!

then i couldnt continue, she helped me... she asks questions... as in.. she makes it like talking... but then.. this time, the lec is like not saying anything during my

and the reason im worried is because...

my group presentation part, i wasnt really confident i can get high marks because we only present a lil compared to the other grps..