Saturday, 26 April 2008


walaoehh..this is STILL SHOWING in the cinema leii..
DVD also out edi lei..(if im not mistaken laa)

anyone interested to watch this movie wid me??
it's in bahasa indonesia, so i know none of my friends wud actually watch this in the cinema with me..

this loooooks interesting..
anything to do with street racing sounds interesting to me...

i wan watch this too!!
no time leii.. ishhh

----- *

me going for forbidden kingdom tml.
bye bye econs..

ini hari, saya bangun pukul 8.30am bcux sum idiot called me and out down the phone when i answered it..
8.30am is super early ok..
because i slept at 2.30am..
and also, most importntly, its a SATURDAY!
so 8.30am is freaking early..

ishh...geram...anyway, i went back to sleep at 2pm and wake up onli at 5.45pm,
to sidai baju...
so, my day begin at 6pm today..
went out to makan dinner, and then, TV got nothing, so i am here to look for movies and also to re-type all the links...
deleted everything from the sidebar when i changed the template..

in conclusion,
i have yet to touch econs
& now that i have a new story book,
susah laaa...
its either the book or econs..

ps: i wish i had more time..
i want to read..
i miss reading..
its been a while since i read a book..

the last book i read: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
see, it's ages ago...


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