Saturday, 19 April 2008

so tze ching

she is revising for her up-coming finals.stresss.

he went for golf.early in the morning.

she was watching badminton.kkk lose sigh.

he is back to his

she might be enjoying her astro on demand.universiti goyang kaki.

he is taking care of his mother.since yesterday.

she might be fantasizing about whatever she fantasizes about. lol.

he might be eating. everyone needs to eat wat.

she was in church for gathering.

he went from Shah Alam to Klang to Sunway, back to Klang and then back to Sunway again to change his car tayar. lol.

i am supposed to...
revise for my accounting common test,
finish up the econs homework(S),
read up all the NINE cases for legals,
look for articles for legals,
look for more information for my ESL final report,
think of a way to convince my mum (the holiday and the concert),
think of ways to save money(grandpa's birthday coming),
look for information on National Service for my MAlay report,
read pindah,
read wi & william,
read arjuna hati,
tuition homework,
go shopping...

i am.. doing nothing..


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