Tuesday, 20 May 2008

a day b4 mid year, and here i am

my original plan was:
revise a bit of accounting last night, then today whole day i dedicate to legal studies.

what happen was:
i went online last night, facebooking and i was reallly tired, so i slept.
woke up at 7.22am this morning (thanks sp)
but continue to lie in bed till 8 or 9 something, till te house is empty.
then i took out accounts, try to read up on inventory system..
i am not sure what i am reading is what i am supposed to read, cause mr. ong said our textbook gives wrong information...
i was hungry, and tired.
i went downstairs, open up all the doors, turn on astro channel 853..
went out to get the newspapers, read newspapers and then hungry.
so i decide to cook the last packet of kimchi ramen(sucks), cause i might not be eating lunch..
i finished and went to study legal.. by then, it was about 11.30am or 12..
i was on the sofa, reading whatever page i open..
so, it was barely 5 minutes, i slept..
yes, i slept..
and i remember bc calling me at 12 something, saying something i cannot remember..
i remember she say im still sleeping and put down the phone..
so, by the time i woke up, its alrd 2 something...
i decide this is not going to work,
i am not studying.
or even reading, so i replied all the sms-es and went to shower and chao to coll..
went to buy roti and milo on the way, and i was tallking to bc, eating bread and driving at the same time..
i reached and it seeems impossible to look for a parking..
decided to go real slow and guess what, there's one right in front of AC..
okay, then i went to reload my digi, buy some stationery, and then bubble tea...
i dont need bubble tea, but i bought just for the sake of spending money...lol...

okay, saw agnes in library... so sat next to her...
omg i cant study at all..
i might look like im studying, but im not.. im just staring at the pages....
(at this point, ida will say, tze ching is like this one larrr, no change)

okay, i was day dreaming and stuff, then zokhri came and said he had uploaded some more past years..
i printed em out, and what the hell, i know nothing..

came back at 8.30pm like that.......
called bc. and ida.



yuanzhou said...

at this point, ida will say, tze ching is like this one larrr, no change


yuanzhou said...

i find that statement is funny in some way

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

i, dont know what to say...

hahahha... but the way u laugh at it, made me laugh....