Thursday, 15 May 2008

i am so damn healthy

1901 for lunch, then mcD for dinner, plus, mcD again for breakfast tml..

how healthy can i be??

and now, im gonna munch on cheezels...

yes, this is not any illusion.. i had 4 packets last night..
this is how healthy i am...
soon, there'll be cockroach on my bed....


::my dream last last night::

we were talking and he had to make a call. he talked real fast, like dun have any full stop in the sentences. and, when he finally finish, he slams the phone and started to cry...i didnt know what to do...
he hugged me. it hurts cause it feels so tight....the crying didnt stop, and the others came, cause they thought someone died or something..

::im curious::
why the hell did i dreamt of him crying?? why the hell he have to cry and be depressed in MY dream??

again, he's in my

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