Thursday, 22 May 2008

if miracle happens, ice creams up for grabs

if ever, in any way, i can pass this mid year's accounting paper,
a couple of lucky friends will get *ice cream* treat from me.


those are the friends who never give up on me even tho i failed miserably in accounting.



the reason why am treating??
as a motivation for myself..
and the fact that i completed 90% of the paper.
i am not confident i can pass.
because all that i wrote are crap..
and she hates me..


if miracle happens,
i am so gonna burn a big big hole in my pocket...



mr. rusty said...

i am so so scared of accounting now too. u know, the 4 of us (cyn, hazel, u, me) will DIE when it comes to accounting and i think we all absolutely HATE it.. ever since last year.. lol.. dunno why.. and to think im gonna major in Accounting, a subject that i dun even have confidence in and HATE so soo much with a passion.. omg tze i really dunno.. monday is my interview & they will ask me which subject i wanna major in. this is killing me seriously.. =/

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

mr rusty, the last time i completed 90% of the whole accounting paper, i got 8/20. just for general information. and that was during the finals. =,-

hey, what u doing taking accounting as ur MAJOR, when u dont even like it... dear, 4 years is a long time ok..

dont u have somethig u liek very much and cud major in??

good luck with the interview dear...and get well sooon.. hope ur not still sick...