Saturday, 24 May 2008

my kids

i have three kids.
on facebook.

first child, is a son I named Xiao Bao Bei.
i forgot to print screen the picture of him before he grow up.
he was so darn cute, and now, he's so suai.
yes, I'm a proud parent. lol.
i don't know why, i like his messy hair. =)

second child, i love her the most.
i name her Gabrielle.
nice name isn't it?
she's the sweetest cutest baby ever.
and after she had grown up,
she became such a pretty young lady.
and she's just in kindergarten.
the pictures below, the one with eyes closed is before she grow up and obviously, the one with the eyes open is the one after she grew up.

my third kid, is another girl named Mint.
why Mint??
ask Tiffy... =)
anyway, i am not that close to Mint as i am to Gabrielle.
because, i don't spend as much time with mint.
mint has another parent.
but gab has only me.
so i took care of gab more...
reasonable right??

anyway, since i have time to online this few days, i will try to spend more time with my 'kids'.

actually, i have another daughter named Pink(nope, i didn't choose that name)..
name choosing part, I'm only responsible for Xiao Bao Bei and Gabrielle.

ps: i know la this post damn crap... but i have no mood lo to update and tell my story after my exam finish...ishhhhhhhhhhhh


mr. rusty said...

haha since when did Mint grow up?? i think she is still a baby on my page.. does that make sense?
lol i have so many kids, some of them got other parents also but they dun take care of them too!! so im left with a whole lot of kids to take care.. i think i got abt 6 or 7 kids.. damn crazy, if its real life i will disown them LOL

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

erm, i think one or two days ago.. i fed her till she syok syok, and her growth rate exceeded 1000 points.. and all my other child grew up, so i make mint grow up too..and u were no where to be seenthese days and i made my own decision without informing u lol..

u, tiff, is a BAD parent.
me, tze, is a GOOD parent.


ps: i think that wont happen to u in real life. there's this thing call birth control and condoms. lol. so dun worry dear.hehehe

mr. rusty said...

AHAHAHHA omg i love ur last comment!! HAHAHHAHA i cant stop laughing now lol.

oh yeah and i think i'll be a really bad parent in the future. LOL

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

hahaha dun worry la dear, we'll know when the time comes.. hehehe