Sunday, 4 May 2008

she's such a bitch. i hate her so much. i want miss jenny. damn her. f* her.


mr. rusty said...

lol. yeah i think miss jenny was one of the better lecturers. with responsibility and all that. haiz.. hope students will realize that sooner. like us, we only realized how good she was when SAM was almost over and we had all our assignments for ESL done and finished in time. and she is always prepared for all the lectures.

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

lol humans are like that dear, its our nature.. when we have something, we tend to ignore it and neglect it.. but then, when its too late, we only realise the good side of it and then, we had no chance to redeem ourselves..

omg.. hehe... sound so ... weird la..hahha

seriously laa, i tell u.. miss jenny is the one and only lecturer that is willing to sacrifice allll her time for her studs.. she works hard but no one knows it...and almost everyone in her class hates her.. lol...

but then, there are some things that she said.. i cannot agree with her... remember how she keep telling us stories on how she left her friends in class and went to sit wayyy in front because that way, she could absorb the lecture better because if she were to sit with her group of frens, they will be talking non stop during lecture and stuff like tat..
sighh... everytime she repeats taht story, i would think,... we are young, and she shud let us experience it ourselves and stuff like that..

is like...she's a bit overprotective i feel.. and also, if one never falls, how is he/she ever gonna stand up again??

no one can stand up forever...everyone will fall at some point of their lives.. and that serves as a life lesson to that particular person.. if one is never to fall, then how is one gonna learn from the mistakes they make?????

ok for me mayb its different case... i fell and i never learn.. maybe it is my nature.... i am trying to avoid whatsoever things that brings me sadness and whatever shiet...

omg i amso out of topic right??

btw, it feels so great typing such a long crap..phew...

now, back to my esl