Sunday, 29 June 2008

gary's first concert wheeee!!

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Gary Chaw Ge First Asia Live Concert

Happened at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil,

28 June 2008

my original plan was to go very early cause i have to get my album from regina(yes, its a big deal to get the album).. anyway, i only reached sunway at like 5pm.. cause i went for unexpected lunch and also to buy food for sp.. and then, pick sp up edi, still have to u-turn back cause she forgot hp's clothes.. haiya.. in the car, i was talking to someone else abt "i dont care whether gary is leng chai o not leng chai, as long as he can sing and actually have talent, its fine with me", "i like gary more than joey", bla bla bla...

he made me drive to bukit jalil..sighh.. its quite easy, just jalan terus then turn.. =)

the weather were not so good on that day lo...raining, drizzling..

reach bukit jalil at bout near 6pm..hp was there for 20 mins liao..hehehe... met some of her frens which i alrd forgotten their name but they're super big fan of gary, then i went off to get my album and also register for GFC (yes, now im official GFC member)..i got an autographed poster for my lucky draw(but now the poster, errr.. i accidentally stepped on it this morning, so yeah, penyek edi)..

then sp came over, and we were there like so early and there were only 4 ppl lining up at my line, so we decided to walk stop, we went to 988 'booth'.. dunno whats happening there also.. saw green box van there.. but didnt go over..

then walk walk, end up signing up for Kim Gary member card.. =.= whee now i got discount for kim gary liao... =)

then i remember walking and standing, then sp finally decided to sign up for kim gary tooo.. =) and then walking again, and someone was trying to convince sp to join gfc, hahaha....and he and me succeeded in convincing her and so yeah, sp and me joined GFC on the same day..hehehe

then, still got time, i decided to enter the Petronas spin the wheel thingy...i ended up memalukan myself cause i did something embarrassing, so yeah, i officially embarrassed myself in front of some people...
anyway, i got RM 10 voucher from Petronas..hehehe.. as soon as im done, Vivian showed up so yeah, we took some pics before entering the stadium...

tot we're late but then we're damn early lorrrr...stadium was quite empty when we entered.. i dont know why la.. but i think sp have some fate with obasan(s).. hehehe... during rynn's concert, there were a grp of aunties behind us, and gary's concert also, there's this grp of pro aunties..

omg, they know daniel, they know yi jie qi, and almost every local celebrity laaa...if not all.. and i was wondering how come their eye sight so good one, turns out horrr... they even brought a binoculars to the concert lei..walaoeh damn yeng lorrr..and when they spot daniel, they were shouting :daniellll: and waving to him, seems like he knows them lorrrr... hmmmm...

then, 8 something, concert starts, and Gary came out in all white and started with Superwoman..

i remember he wore all white, then after that change to something like elvis presley style, then something black when duet with justin and genie, then bruce lee theme outfit, then lastly, it was white shirt and pink jacket and orange pants and not forgetting his red hair...

really love the part where he intro and pulled out his fren(the piano) and then everyone in the stadium is like singing along with him, then justin came out and sang "Gam Sam Gam Sai" with him..and also they sang "Hoi Bin Ka Fu Ka" together...(our side is louder when it comes to de saaa tan war..wheeee)..
then justin proceed with "Nam Yan KTV" omg its so nice...

then there's this part where he sing "Superman", he save the girl from the villains, then he sing "Liang Zhi Lian Ren", and they became lover, then "Ai Ai", they end up married..ishhhhhhh...and there's this big doggie look a like prop on the stage during "Liang Zhi Lian Ren"...

and how could i forget the ear piercing voice of genie's? she totally spoilt my mood that nite.. no

and there's this one time, when he was thanking ppl who helped him again...hehehe..damn funny lorrr..gary was like... i must thank this person, he helped me and supported me.. dont angry k... Petronas Primax 3... LOL..

and he cried after he talk bout his mentor not able to come to his concert cause he's ill...err and gary cried while singing the song dedicated to his mentor..

and and..there's this part, he didnt know what he want to say or he forgot what he wanted to say, he think for a while and said, WHATEVER.. omg... hehehe

and there's this part, he said WALAOEH..confirm Malaysian..heheh

ohhh yaaa, Justin say he wanted to sing one song for Gary, and he started to sing..

"Selamat Hari Jadi"

July 1st is Justin's birthday and July 9th is Gary's..

and and, for the english songs, he sang My Way(omgggg i finally see him sing live), Smoke Gets Into My Eyes, and Moon River...

**fast forward**

encore part, he sang "Ni De Ge" and "Shi Jie Wei Yi De Ni"...and he wore GFC t shirt for the encore..

couldnt really believe the concert ends so early.. i want more.. i haven had sore throat yet from screaming.. so yeah, its not enough lei..
and Gary didnt sing Welcome To My World, his concert theme song.. =(


ps: i've seen Gary perform My Way live.. i can now die in peace..(Choi!)

pps: i cant wait for Round 2... hehehehe...

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