Sunday, 8 June 2008


the longest(i assume its long) holiday of the year has just come to an end.

#1: i haven finish my assignments yet..
one may ask, how, then, did u get thru this TWO weeks and NOT finish any assignments??
i dont know...
i seriously dont knowwww...

#2: life is gonna be hard after this.. with the start of a brand new semester and the getting back of my results from the mid year exam, end of last sem, which was two weeks ago..
damnit, i know i suck in almost alll the sub...
some people knows why...
i cant study

#3: someone actually suggested so that i take a year break(half now) so that i can get into the classes i want and have time to decide on the subs i really want to study..
i say, useless a bad student, i cant study..
no matter how much time u give me to think, i still cannot decide..
and no matter what i study, there are others too who face the same thing...
if they CAN do it and i CANT..
then there's something wrong with me
im dumb...

#4: i wanted to make second semester a "no-nonsense" term..
then, i think of it and thought its quite hard to achieve...
first..its me..hello..this is tze ching.. ''big day'' month..(yes, this is purely excuse) dumb

#5: how if i din manage to get thru again??

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