Thursday, 3 July 2008

i am not gonna sleep tonight.
i have been given ample time to do my work.
but then, being ME, i wasted my time,
and leave everything to the very last minute.

so, in the end,
i have to sacrifice my sleep.
my fault.

its a lesson i can never learn.

economics common test ended in 45 minutes today.
omg i actually wrote 3 pages of essay.
i crapped.
and crapped.
and i felt like writing a fairy tale.
::thus, the economy is stable and more employment are available::
it sounds like,
::thus, the prince sets out to rescue the princess from the evil witch::
my class ended 1pm today.
went back.
then go back taylors again for accts tuition.
shiet one lor.
damn jam lei dere.
and no parking somemore.
at night, went out to shah alam,
wanted to take nice pics de..
but in the end we gave up cause couldnt find the nice spot.
and i found out hor,
shah alam court is damn near my house weh...
turn here..turn there, and a few more turns, sampai liao...