Sunday, 24 August 2008

plan failed

crapped this post the other night when i finally had my hands on lappy... =)


I said I will come home and study.

But my come home and study plan didn’t work.

And now is the end of the week again.

What the hell la…

Yeah although I didn’t get near any laptops or computers or anything that can get me online, (except for today, for 5 minutes), I still don’t have the motivation to grab my book and start doing something beneficial. (aka study).

I brought all my books, notes, and rubbish back.

Yes, ALL.

I junk everything in my car, the morning I came back, then only to get it out of the car on THURSDAY EVENING and into my room the very same night.

(THURSDAY = the end of the week already).

Then I told myself I will sort my notes so that it will be neat and tidy (Ahem), but never work.

I went to sleep instead (WTH).

Then, I promised myself I would wake up early in the morning to sort those papers.

I took the FIRST step; I set alarm at 6.30am.

But I woke up to turn off the alarm and then slept till 8am.

Then, I told myself again, I will just spend my time with the papers in the afternoon, after lunch, before TV.

But, SMS came in and then I am out of the house, AGAIN.

I told myself I would come back early, but there were a little change of plans. =(

I came home late.

I finally ‘touched’ the papers, and was starting to sort them, and calls came in.

The sudden distraction spoilt my “sorting papers” mood, and here I am writing this crap.

I said I will was the car, since last Friday.

Today, the car remains dirty. Muddy. Layers and layers of thick dirt, like I went into a desert and came out. Lol.

I know, at this point, whoever who reads this feels like killing, stabbing, strangling me. I’m procrastinating.


I took the first step(whatever it is; I think I did), now is the time for second step(take out BUTs from my vocabulary).


**About my change of plans last weekend**

I planned to come home on Friday, but then, my mum plans to come on Friday, so I couldn’t come home on that day. And I couldn’t go to the dance competition thingy because my mum came. Lol. I was home and angry. Not because I couldn’t go to the dance thingy, but because I feel like I’m taken for granted (or so).

I didn’t rush home after my tuition just to let my UNDERAGE brother drive MY car around (MY CAR; emphasis added). Lol. And what’s worst is that, HE DID NOT ASK FOR MY PERMISSION.

I talked to my mum about the matter and guess what, she said “I drive your car need permission meh?????? I let them(my bro and his fren) drive ma.. like that also need to ask your permission meh??”

What the FUCK.

I couldn’t say anything cause I am NOT a good debater and I don’t want to FIGHT yet.

The next day, (fucker) he want out the whole day with his friend, and I am the one who has to go and fetch him at the end of the day. Like, I didn’t get to have fun but I am the one who has to go through all the trouble(FUCK) to get them home safely(DAMNIT).

Fine, then once we reached home, I was looking for a parking place, and he said, don’t need to look, I want to go out.

(if u still don’t get it, he’s saying “I am going to drive YOUR car out.”)

Hello, you say want to drive means you can drive is it?? Do you know what the fucking hell it means with the word UNDERAGE??

And do you know what it means by PERMISSION????


She’s on your side, but that doesn’t mean I can let you do illegal things, although she permits. This is MY car u talking about. (YOU SEE, told you I’m left out even at home).

But luckily, my uncle was with me in the car and he said NO before I do.

Supposed to come back on Tuesday after the major change of plan(My parents came KL la…), but then my grandma’s che da pao appointment cancelled so plan change again. Going back on Sunday. Then, suddenly, che da pao plan is on, and Badminton Finals is on that night, and I didn’t want to drive in the dark for 3 freaking hours, and also I’m so lazy to start packing, and since Badminton Finals is on that night itself and I didn’t want to miss it, so I decided to come back on Monday morning.

Shiet, like tien play me like that.

It started raining after I left the house. Wth….

And it rained all the way, damn heavy till cant see de jalan…

Lucky no flood or anything lorrr…

22/23 Aug 08


Winnie C said...

Ahem what did you say about wanting to study the other day? You didn't study at all since that day you told me you wanted to? Study hard, girl.

And how old is your brother anyways?

Had a great time makan dinner and touring around Lumut with you the other day. We must go back to that haunted bukit again one day.

Take care!

P/s: You must start talking with guys. Maybe flirt with them. Flaunt your assets. Hehe just joking!

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

errr de day i told u isit de day we go out together?? then the answer is no.. sighhh... smack my head plsssss...

he's 15 ...pmr year lolx

ahhah that bukit damn scary weh.. dark dark de.. and so many trees...and not many ppl stay there somemore.. next time we go when there is light(in the morning/afternoon/early evening) before going at night..hahahha