Saturday, 2 August 2008



tze got a new email

i think i just got myself into trouble...
sighh me and my big mouth and no-think-before-i-talk...

i told my uncle i would be coming back late next week as i will be in the library..
he asked why go library...
so i said i cant study at home..
there's TV..*doink*
then he ask me to lock myself in the room...

so i said its useless cause there's bed...
and i can even sleep without a bed...
*soon, i would be sleeping in the library again*

then when we came home,
he ask me what i wanna do..
so i said TV..
and he gave me this weird expression like..
"tv again, why u not studying, u suppose to study right, what have u been doing whole entire day at home ahh?? tv right??"

and so, this is how i land myself in trouble with my big big mouth..

anyway, i doubt i would be staying in the library at all...
its either i would be at dinner till library closes,
or i would just come home early...



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