Friday, 19 September 2008

bits of this and that

seriously, i cant study..
ok finish with kiasuing part........


the other day, when dad was in kl, he wanted to go to kl and ask me how to get to federal highway.
and we're in sunway pyramid that time.
then i lead him to the one and only federal highway i know,
leading him to shah alam and klang instead of kl.
im a bit dumb lei...


i got TWO lollipops from kylie today...
one for accounting and one for econs


tomorrow, i MUST wash CAR.


i was laughin when telling mun synn bout my nightmare...
who says nightmare cant be funny??


went to AC for dinner...
then back to coll to kay poh bout the mooncake festival..
apparently there's this girl who can *errr..juggle???* over 200 hula hoops with her body..
is either some record holder or some competition champion..
sorryla.. their chinese too deeeeeep edi, i dun understand.


my going back immediately after exam plan has just been crushed.


just finished editing the template.
minor edits.
do u notice the words are bigger now?
before this the words are like so small and i myself think that its too cute for me to read comfortably, so i tried changing it bigger and i succeed!!!

i read minor programming language wahahhahaha


spot the difference??
old and new!!!!

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