Monday, 22 September 2008

fingers crossed. i hope i pass..........with flyyying colours

if there is ONE day you want to be proud and dissapointed with me,
TODAY is the day.

Proud because i FINISHED the WHOLE paper, every single question is answered, no blanks, and no more two lines essay.

Dissapointed because, i BULL SHITTED. in the paper la not here.

i went in the hall, choose some place far far behind, sit down and wait for them to start.
half an hour leiiiiii what the helll...

started, reading time.
i open the paper, look at the first page, fuck.
second page. shit.
third. what the hell.
fourth. ahhhh interesting, gays.
then skip skip to Part B.

adversarial system and inquisitorial. fuck didnt read.
valid marriage. damn cannot think.

next page. essay part.

legislation. no idea.
reform in family law. don't know.
SOP social cohesion. fuck i did this before.

back to the topic.
dissapointed because ...

1. what is a perverse verdict.
perverse verdict is not a reverse verdict.
(i really wrote this on the answer sheet. dont u dare to laugh)

2. how australian parliament protect the sovereignty of Australia?
i got no idea.

3. What advise should u give to same sex couples before they enter into a relationship?
(completely dunno)

4. what are the functions of civil law?
*fuck i forgot*


Present a case for or against Dr. R.
*how the hell should i answer? does neighbour principle apply here?*

According to Australian Utilities v Karlson 1997, a person who causes his or her own injuries cannot claim compensation for them. Why would Mr. D wants to claim compensation and sue Dr. R? Like, no one ask Mr. D to go find prostitutes. Mr. D is the one who go find "kai", so he is the one who should pay for the consequences and no one else. Who ask him to be so desperate?

lol. of course la that wasnt my answer on the test paper.

then then part B.

i did on valid marriage.
bits of this and that here and there.
messy messy.

then essay part i did on separation of powers bla bla bla social cohesion.
it wasnt until the conclusion, only i realise.
20marks...bye bye

so ..


i hope i passs....

better if pass with flying colours. =)

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