Thursday, 11 September 2008

my ambition[s]

i had my malay trials oral examination yesterday. i was supposed to be the last person to have my oral, but then yesterday, i was the first cause i arrived at the class first. he asked alot of those stupid irrelevant questions lorr.. there was this question.. WHat is your ambition?
i didnt know what to answer cause i dont even know what do i want to do. hmmm... so my answer was, well, right now i dont have ambition yet... lol.. then last night i was thinking, since i was young, i have thought of being:
*doctor(a common ambition at that time)
*teacher(because of the long school holidays)
*psychologist(just given up on it RECENTLY)
*pilot(its cool to fly planes, but not for irresponsibe ppl like me)
*racecar(too....dunno how to say)
*lawyer(so that i can sue whoever that i hate)
*journalists/ radio DJs (can interview artists leiiii..but i cant cause i got speaking disability)
*photography (wheeeeeee..still saving up)
hahah i think that was almost the complete list.. heheheh
hmmmmm... in a few more weeks, i'l be compelting SAM, and then its the time for me to decide what i want to do next year...
i want to have a half year break from all these streessss, examsss, assignments, but then, i am pretty sure no one will listen to me(again).
mum, i dont want study liao la.. i dont like study la..
why cant money drop from sky??
i just want a normal happy simple life.
why is it so hard to have a normal simple life?
why does everything have to be so complicated???
im tired....
i just wanna have a break(have a kitkat)...
i wan to travel(yea yea i know i know its impossible maaaa)...

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