Wednesday, 8 October 2008

tiffy's long delayed tag =)

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
The people I tag are then to follow my footsteps.
No tag backs.

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1. I feel very alive during midnight, but very very sleepy during day.

2. When I am serious, people will think I’m not and when I’m not they will think I am.

3. I don’t study when exam is near. Instead, I do wuliao stuff. Example, arranging shells, washing my car etc.

4. I embarrass my self everyday, its not like I want to, but it just happens.

5. I am always emo-ing… I complain a lot..

6. I hate the thought of being someone I am not and thus I am myself no matter what people say.

7. I don’t mind people saying I am FAT in my face. Cause I really am. Lol, I wont go and starve myself when people call me fat. I’m just being well fed. Someone once said, “Fat means healthy, this means not healthy”. hahahahah

8. My lose weight plans NEVER worked. Once I start losing weight, I will gain all the weight I lost in no time, plus some additional kgs. Thus, I become fatter every time I try losing weight.

9. I get bored easily.

10. Sometimes it’s not the question of do I want or don’t want. It’s the question of can or cannot?

11. I can sleep the whole day.

12. I talk to myself a lot.

13. I am always confused.

14. I wish I had more time.

15. I get sleepy if the speed limit is 60kmph or lower.

I tag : Sheng Ping * Huey Ping * Lay Chuy * Jun Nee * Sim

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