Wednesday, 14 January 2009


so here's updates.

  • im supposed to apply for uni that i dont intend to go, so im delaying the application. mum's going to be really mad i guess.
  • my Bak Kut Teh, fail kao kao. the soup is too watery and the meat is too disgusting. stupid meat seller. should have went to buy it myself.a
  • i had 3 hours sleep the other day. grandma say wan do meat ball for cny. ask me wake up early to fo market with her. mana tau she din plan to do it that day. wasted sleep.
  • then the next day, i had 4 hours sleep cause that was the day she wanted to do meat balls.
    i helped. hehehe.
  • i finally washed the car. after a few months. lolx. and it rained after i washed. lolx.
  • i got a new word for this year.
fucker + bastard = fucktard*
  • there are a few attempts to persuade me to not stay in hostel when im studying in help.
  • i thought i was going to kl today, but then was too lazy so i didnt go. lol.
  • 111 days more left for me.
  • im in mcd. alone. lol.
  • im drinking vanilla milkshake for the first time.
  • i gain weight after penang-kl trip last last week. sigh.
  • i gotta go fetch grandma soon. bye
  • finish reading where rainbows end, a place called here, if you could see me now, for one more day, by the river piedra i sat down and wept, twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn in december
  • finish new moon in about 10 hours
  • eclipse a bit more than 1o hours
  • i finish twilight series faster than harry potter's =)


xiaowen23 said...

tat's a new word lor?
did u copy right it?
can i use it??
miss u ar...

Anonymous said...

hahhaha if no one ever use this word then its a new word lorrr... no need copy right la.. of course can use la... this is a season of sharing hahhaha...

pixiepixie said...

hahahha.. i love the word "fucktard" but my definition a bit different..

fucker + retard = fucktard


fucking retard = fucktard (combo of 2 words in 1. lol)

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

seee.. its such a convenient word

pixiepixie said...

haha. u are one of those friends that is totally fine with me swearing. urghhh i hate living in a world where everyone looks down on u/thinks u are street trash/rude/mean/disrespectful/etc when u swear!

c'mon ppl! u must've swore at some point in ur life!

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

hehhehe... its not wrong to long as u do it in moderation hahahaha....i think its a form of expressing yourself.. thats what i think...

btw, i really did think that retard is a nicer word instead of b******... hehehhe...