Monday, 9 February 2009

#7, 2009

saturday --> sunday
i watch fated to love you the other night. too exciting edi, so i watch from 12 something till 4 something. then stop a while, tried to sleep. couldnt sleep so continue watching at 5.30am to 6.30. hungry, so went downstairs for breakfast. turn on tv... so bored.. so went out to market to buy food. lolx... first attempt on whole night no sleep.. hehehe.. then 8.30am really cannot tahan edi.. sleep 4 hours.. =)

sunday --> monday
finish up fated to love you. finish watching at 3 something. cannot sleep till 4 something. then wake up at 8 to take the car to service. walaoeh damn expensive... know earlier i dun wan go myself hehehhe...then come back help a bit, after lunch try to sleep.. cant sleep then wtch tv till tertido..2 something sleep till 6pm.. hehehe.. haih... malam ni sure cant sleep again... =( dun wan watch any shows liao.. save the supply for uni,... later i stay hostel bored till hell... at least got a bit show to watch ma.. lol...

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