Tuesday, 7 April 2009

a summary of events lately. good luck reading.

haven't been properly updating for some time already. i often wonder, university student got so busy meh? busy till disappear from online world sometimes for months; eg, neglecting their blogs, never sign in to msn at all, etc.

now i know.


i'm trying to upload pictures now. not sure if it can load, cause i did not resize them. straight from the camera.

hope it loads.


i don't know whether I've said this before, but I'm really glad that i choose second group. not only i get most Friday's off, but also i get really nice people in this class too.

i'm not saying anything bad bout the first group, it's just me thinking i do belong in second group better. hmmmph...


it's now third week, and i'm begining to see the other side of people. people whom i should have respect.

had an 'encounter' with someone yesterday, and i'm still talking bout it cause, wtf i wasn't even talking to her. and i wasn't alone. i was just asking. not demanding.

the pictures finally loads. thanks lots to my neighbors. ^^


i was never good in math. i mean i do get high marks for certain topics before. but i never get anything above C for the whole math paper. I'm talking about modern math. not additional math. i did not even sit for additional math paper in spm. although i did pay the fees. it was the right decision.

after my spm, i continued to pre-u level. i got to choose my subjects, and i cleverly avoided taking math. then i did not do well in my first year, so i had to repeat the whole entire torturing process again for another rather long year. again, i did not take math.

so, the very last time i ever did mathematical questions is when i sit for modern math paper in spm, in 2006.

three years later, in my uni year, first sem, i had to take introductory statistics. sounds horrible. to add salt and lemon to the horror, i actually had to pass ALL my subjects in this semester due to my bad spm results. and also, friends, family, seniors have been telling me that stats is tough.

i cant even do algebra, how on earth can i do stats?

i remember in the first lecture, my lec asked us to write our personal thoughts on a piece of paper and pass it to her. i remember writing bout my math history, how my brain cant process mathematical stuff, how slow am i, and how long since the last time i did math.

surprisingly, we dont really need to write out solutions manually. instead, we have a special computer program for it.

handed in the first assessment last week, and this is what i got back =D...
i dont intend to brag. i know there are many others who got full score. it's been so long. so so long. since i got ...


a 100%
of course, i didnt really do this alone. i got help from the other classmates too. but still, its fun just to imagine.

and as i turn the pages,
i saw this.
read what he wrote there.
"Chubby Pie"
hehehe i laugh to myself like a crazy fella in my room.
it wasnt intended. i didnt even realised its oval.
i resized it cause it couldnt fit in one page.
*trying to be environment friendly & save the trees*

before i forgot.
everyone almost fell asleep during intro to psycho tutorial today. including me!
we watched a video. its not that boring. maybe its the weather.

so, at the end of the class, we were divided into groups for discussion, and lec gave us a situation.

there's 3 people in our group and we had 3 different ideas, so we wrote down all 3 and the lec came and ask what did we think of, and we explained all 3 methods, and she said good work to all 3.

my point: YAY!!!!!!!
this means I'm on the right track.
it also means that i can have the right idea on things as well.
(for those who don't know, i have very low self esteem and i always thinks that my answers are wrong so i never share to the class what i really think because i fear of saying the wrong thing)


there's a free shuttle bus around sunway.
comes every 30 minutes.
with air cond.

its free. and its better than metro.
which we had to pay rm1, and had to wait 1 hour plus.
no air cond somemore.
or so i heard.


when i came back from class yesterday, i took time to check the letter box for letters.
instead, i found this.
yes, a business card for cleaning services.
i assume so.

what caught my eye is not what's printed.
is how far they would go to give out their card.

if u notice, its laminated!
he he he.
maybe I'm kampung.
but this is really the first time i see laminated business card/advertisement card.

i help them advertise somemore leh...

my dinner last night. i ate a bit. cause i already ate milo and biscuits before that. so i wrap it up and put it into the refrigerator. and i ate it when i come back from class today.

i think stress made me eat alot. i never had real breakfast before i come here. but now, i must have breakfast, or my stomach will starts complaining in the middle of the class. im serious.

i eat something light before the class starts, after 2 hours class, i might to eat breakfast or maybe lunch, then class, then after that if its lunch time i'll eat lunch.. if not then i'll just go home.. or have dinner before going home..

you see..
after class over sure go makan.

i need to lost weight.
but i kept looking for excuses to exercise.

a resolution to self: lost at least 5kg before 20th birthday.
it's so not gonna happen if i don't start exercising NOW.

a new visitor. he's a rabbit. not a panda. i dont know why he has black eyes and ears like panda do.

and he's shy.


hope u had fun reading everything up there. ^^
i doubt i will read the whole thing if it was me.


pixiepixie said...

need to start exercising too.. i got fat hhahahahah.
the rabbit is cute ^^

and congrats for the 100% in stats. i hate math too. :P

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

hahaha... the weather there so good can exercise anytime leh...

hahah it look like panda...
thanks .... i only have stats.. no math