Wednesday, 20 May 2009

dont bother reading

i dont know if anyone notice, i got fatter after my one week break.

it's not about going home for a week, so i got nice meals for that one week.
it's about my compulsive eating which appears somewhere at the end of that one week and also this week.

for example, tuesday. i bought lots of yong tau fu for breakfast. before that i already had milo at home cause i know i wont be eating till after class. then i also bought sandwich. then nuggets after class. and also chipsmore while waiting for the class to start.

these days, i find myself craving for food. even though i am not hungry and am very aware of it, i still find myself munching and eating because i felt like it. this is baaaad. this has to stop but it's kinda difficult. hmmph.

for example, at home, towards the end of my holiday, i find myself sneaking a bidor biscuit to my room, eat it and that's the end of story. there's another night where i was downstairs taking my water and all before i go to my room, i somehow went to take two slices of wholemeal bread and brought it to the room.

it's something that i would do when i feel stressed. i would eat. and sometimes eating without realising it.

i have no class today. what did i do?

breakfast was simple. biscuits and milo.
then after two hours, i felt hungry and went to cook cintan asam laksa with an egg.
then i had half soya bean milk which i left in the fridge the other night.
and also occasionally some pineapple tarts when i feel sleepy.
at night, i had another instand noodles in cup. and somemore pineapple tarts and dodol.

i tried studying. the house is dark so i opened the door for the air and light to come in.
i started with piaget's theory. and ended with piaget's theory. yes, i fell asleep even before the 4th level.
i woke up because of my neighbour's loud bitchy voice. so noisy. so i closed all the doors and curtains and back to sleep. shiet.

now i want to go eat milo and biscuit again. yes, it's 11.11pm.

sigh. have craving for food for no reason lately.

i want to eat laksa. the real laksa, not the maggi laksa.
i want to eat char koat teow.
i want to eat bak kut teh. let's go klang. anyone knoes the way?
i want to eat yong tau fu. wtf i like all the fried stuff that's why.
i want to eat cheese cake. gosh mouth watering edi at this point.
i wnat to eat maggi.
i want to eat eggs.
i want to eat sandwich.
i want to eat kfc.
i want to eat nuggets.

for real. (now you know how ... how ... compulsive i am at this difficult moment.)

ps: i think i owe someone an apology. sorry.


yz said...


Winnie Chong said...

My, you eat more than me. And I'm already eating like I've never eaten before.

In addition to yz's 'control', exercise! It's fun =)

żħї~qїňg said...

yz and winnie,

i'm trying to control. but i just end up eating without realising it...
winnie u eat no eat also so thin addition to control and exercise, there's also willpower...
haha.. thanks :)

Winnie Chong said...

I exercise also you know, my new passion. Go running! No kidding, it's really fun!

żħї~qїňg said...

Yeah, I know. You told me you got chased by a dog. Hehe.
Well, I actually woke up this morning for a walk. Abt 30 Mins walk around the taman... heHe, it wasnt that bad..

LyNn said...

lets go klang eat seafood!
i want crab!!

żħї~qїňg said...

hehe.. bila mau pergi??? kita pi hari rabu mau?? ajak ying fern..kita depend dia tunjakkan jalan... ^.^
pas tu kita balik pyramid tengok wayang.. haha.. mau mau???

LyNn said...


żħї~qїňg said...

bila bila???? i mean which week?? this week????? err.. but got draft submission on thursday...