Sunday, 10 May 2009

ouch it hurts

pic 1: comparison.
when i took this pic, the swollen part had reduced in half and it didnt hurt that much anymore when i walk.

pic 2: its red and swollen.

it started during social gathering. i thought it was a slight cramp, but the pain got worse as the time passes. by the time i go home, i can still walk,but it's painful alrite.

i got home, too tired and painful to have a shower, so i just load pics to fb and sleep. earlier i thought it was so cramp, i i had salonplas on the whole night.salonplas didnt work at all, and it got worse so when i woke up in the morning, i couldnt even walk.

i woke up around 6am, i couldnt sleep back cause of the pain. was worried so i drove to the nearby clinic which i thought was a 24 hour clinic. it wasnt open so i went back home. yes, i went to look for doctor at 6am in the morn.

had a bit difficulty in packing and getting my stuff into the car cause i was going home. and i have not packed a single stuff yet. it hurt alot even when i wasnt walking or moving my leg. it hurt just by standing. it's a wonder how i manage to even pack my stuff... especially bringing my laptop to the car cause its heavy.

it hurt so much that i have to take one step at a time, and i had to sit and rest before i continue. it took me 3 hours just to pack. and to bring my stuff to the car. then i went to fetch yuki, and came home. the journey wasnt that pleasant either. lucky i had company. if not, i dont know how i will endure it alone. and the traffic didnt help either. its a saturday so there's alot of cars. it even hurts everytime i break. by that time, i couldnt even MOVE my left feet. i got worried, and i kept telling yuki that i might have crushed my bone or something. ha ha ha.

the first thing i do when i reach home is to fetch grandma and go to see doc. had to wait a while at the clinic cause i heard there's this 6 year old boy got some accident while playing. his mother was furious and heard her shouting waisa many times when she talked to the phone. her voice damn loud weh....

okay, then i went in to see the doc, he says it might be gout. wtf. impossible loh. this is why i wanted my grandma to go with me. cause she knows. ^^.

got back home, sms-ed everyone to tell them i might not go to the party that night. sigh, i feel bad if i didnt go, cause it's only once u gonna celebrate one year old party. and its the first one year old party i got invited to. thank god it got better in the evening, and i took painkiller again before going out.

btw, the pic's taken today. i can walk today. and i didnt realise how bad is the swell till i see the pic.

i can drive but not walk. because i have auto car. lucky its a left leg. not the right one. i still dont know why it happen, cause it comes byitself. hmmmph.

sorry if i bore u with my feet story.


LyNn said...

i thought use right leg?
you use left one a?

rest more k?

żħї~qїňg said...

i use right leg to drive. the left one is the painful one. hmmph. did i confuse myself? hahhahahah

kk thanks

LyNn said...

haha apa la you.
no you confuse me only.
btw so what movie you guys watched?

żħї~qїňg said...

we watch star trek..hjehehhe nice leh.. i have doubts at first bout watching it.. seems like such a guy movie... but no regrets... hehehehhe

LyNn said...

really a?
aih i watch wolverine wanna sleep.

żħї~qїňg said...

we almost went to watch xmen too... but somehow they choose star trek.. ^^ phew lucky.. star trek captain kirk very leng chai... heheheh

LyNn said...

hehe ok okk.
i wonder if the guy at least know how to keep his mouth shut in the movies or not.
wah if even in cinema cannot stop blabbering.
gong xi fa cai man. ears shatter.

żħї~qїňg said...

i sit far away from him... me concentrating on the leng chai tho.. dun hear him talk... see leng chai better.. ^^

weh.. chill la.. dun let him spoil ur mood...