Tuesday, 26 May 2009

short update

dinner @ AC again.
went there yesterday, and today, and maybe tomorrow also.
why do i keep going there for dinner?

no idea. wide variety of food.
japanese, korean, vietnam, indian, chinese, malay, salad, bak kut teh, chicken rice, what you want, they have it.
except laksa. hmmmph.

[the picture]
meals with sue may is always entertaining.
she will decorate her plate with whatever that's left over. and make a smiley face :)


today i had: Kids Baby Octopus bread from Baker's Cottage, 1 packet Soya Bean Milk, quarter of Egg Sandwich, Raymen Noodles.


almost late for class today.
alarm rings at 5.15am, 6am and 6.15am.
first alarm to prepare myself to wake up.
usually i wake up by the 3rd alarm.
today, i slept past 3rd alarm, which kept snoozing till 6.55am.
yesterday, i woke up only at 6.33am, but i dont have morning class so it's ok.
something's telling me i have to change the songs that wakes me up.
or i'm getting lazier and un-motivated recently.

this, is BAD.

but i wasnt really late for class.
but surely is later than usual.
ran thru 3 red lights.
lucky no police.

ha ha.


LyNn said...

i want tang hoon too!

żħї~qїňg said...

g0 eAt La
hEhE wELc0mE t0 J0iN mE At AC anYtImE Y0u wAnt

LyNn said...

haha ok ok.
one thursday la k?
we go we go :)

żħї~qїňg said...


ps. ish post a reply edi... but dunno lost go where... ish ish