Thursday, 7 May 2009


... in a sticky situation.

today is the last day of college before mid semester hits. i cannot imagine how did i survive till now. i cannot believe that we, have already been in class for half of the semester. another half more to go, and intro to psych is a history to us. in other words, my fate will be determined in a few more months. whether or not i get to stay in Sunway and continue my dreams, very much depends on my results. to pass is the key. i took the first step. now it's time to look for the key to unlock the second lock, i.e. to pass all my subjects in sem 1.

back to sticky situation. altho i feel tired, i decided to try the mask i bought in watson the other day. had been delaying since a few days ago. before i play with the mask, i tried out the "Eyelid Tape". i got no double eyelid. and i see many people using this tape to create a permanent double eyelid. i have sensative eyes, even the dentist said that my eyes are overly sensative. i cannot have anything near my eye. even my own hand. my eyes will start to blink uncontrollably when there's something near. okay the story is, i tried the tape. i couldnt even stick it. gosh. i start with the right eye. stick too high up. wtf. give up. take another one and stick it on the left eye. its not high up or anything. it's just not in the right place. hmmph. i took the same amount of time to take it out and also to put it on. feels like there's something with an Elephant Glue stuck to ur eyes. not comfortable. by de way, the "Eyelid tape" is made in korea.

then, i went to try the mask i bought. i wanted to buy it since i saw it. because the packing is nice. it's also a korean product called Pink Kiss if i dont remember wrongly. when i had it on my face, gosh, it's sticky. it's like applying Uhu Glue to ur whole face. that's how sticky it is. after a while, it dried up and i can even open mouth cause i had Uhu Glue on my face. hmmph. i cant even wash my fingers in the sink. i fear it will clog up the sink and i will be the one in trouble. anyways, waited for it to dry then peel it off. no need to wash. the peeling process is fun tho. i like to peel cause it feels like peeling a layer of skin. he he he.

anyway, my point of this post. is to say... " I realise Korean products sticks very well."... hahahah

went to makan dinner with ms and sis. brought me to a new place in ss15. nice cafe concept. everything is korean, food is not bad, service could be improved, lemons should be cut nicely so that i can poke it with my lembik straw.
dont want chai them too much, cause i think it's ok for a new place. food is a lil expensive tho, but it's consider a normal price in ss15. everything is expensive there. i just dont understand bout the position of the projector. hmmph.


LyNn said...

arghh hate it hate it hate it
rather starveee

żħї~qїňg said...

whyyyy???? u dun like kimchi?? i like korean maggi.. <3

LyNn said...

i hate korean food.
just hate it.
honestly i almost starve when i was there.
i think i have better luck with jap

żħї~qїňg said...

ic... u're weird.