Monday, 22 June 2009

today i...,

went to pyramid after class. supposed to drop yf there, but then somehow we hop on the shuttle with my heavy book and full water in the bottle. damn heavy kay? turns out she wanted to go to post office and send something to her friend. :) then the stupid nationwide express is so hard to find.. have to refer a few "mall-signs" and call conceirge before we made it there. hmmph. when we reach, it's closed and the sign on the door says they'll be back in a while. wtf. went to asian avenue to eat mango sherbet. the sherbet is yucky but the santan and glutinous rice that came with it is ok. wonder how it became recomended dish. yf paid.

and we went to nationwide express for the 2nd time. wtf, still not open. then went to the other wing to see leng chai and buy my kfc. got voucher mah. heheh the good thing about phone voucher is, they dont delete the message/voucher or take down ur phone number or something. means, can re-use!!

first time using an sms voucher. hahaha. lucky de fler din ask me go far far and dun come back. :)

and then, stood at the ice rink to look. hahaha got this one guy so damn cute.. so korean-ish... but yf say too short liao... la la la... hahaha... and got a few ang moh playing also. one of the girls, she wore a bright red bikini and a white short dress outside. so when she fall and got wet, can see... her bright red bikini... hehehe.. eh i not pervert ok.. is she want to show wan ok... then we went back to nationwide express for the 3rd time.. lucky it's open.. hmmmph... expensive but they send it in one day...

then went back to the hotel to wait for bus... on the way there, saw the ang moh gang again.. hehehe.. the bikini girl...heheh.. when she was walking, there's this guy sitting on the chair.. and i saw him went O.O ... hahaha... that's a pervert!! when mat salleh wears like that to a shopping mall, people will think, "ang moh is like that one lah...". if the girl was local, she sure get weird and disapproving stares from the public.. and people might think, "eee... dono whose daughter.. wear like that go out de.. tak tau malu.. so cheap.. ". lol.. true??
stereotypes, sighs.

alright, went back to hotel, the bus just left! it just turned out from the hotel. so me and yf ran to pyramid main entrance. who knows when the bus will reach there. so sai hei run so fast. the bus took quite long to reach. hahah. and i think while i was there, i was staring at one direction to make sure the bus is coming. like, im in my own world and no one else matters kinda stare... so this girl beside me, which happens to be at the direction im staring at, i suddenly notice she look at me like im alien or something. .. hahaha.. sorry lah, i realise i act weird these days.. i dont know why myself.. :)

waited for some time, and listen to lots of noise pollution.. u go stand at the taxi stand in pyramid at 7.30pm and u'll know what im talking abt... then finally bus come!! hehehehe...

no "tong sam fong bou" today :(

i park my car at the side of someone's house cause i assume it's the nearest parking available, but it's like at the side of the road, so i hope i dont have any missing side mirror tml... he he he..

i only had dinner at 10.15pm.
just because someone say the curry want to basi edi,
and im also hungry at the same time,
and also i dun like pouring away food.

it's ok to pour away food as long as im not the one doing it.
young en
ps: watched yu le bai fen bai today... almost whole episode is on boys over flowers.. awwww...

i want yun ji hu's hairstyle.
but i dont trust mum's hairstylist.
buttt, he's cheaper than the one i go to.
he not young enough to know what i want.
the one i go to is young enough to understand.
but they're also one of the most expensive in the area.
urgh... hair cutting need to put on hold...
till i have $$...

and time.


my external harddisk is more important now.

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