Tuesday, 21 July 2009

im bored

For Tze Ching who birth on month June below are What Your Birth Month Says About You :

* Thinks far with vision [errr... thinks far but not with vision lorh]
* Easily influenced by kindness [hmmm... quite true]
* Polite and soft-spoken [um, sometimes? hehehhehehe]
* Having lots of ideas [only when i'm under pressure]
* Sensitive [quite]
* Active mind [when i sleep, yeah!]
* Hesitating [err... at times... ]
* Tends to delay [verrrrryy true]
* Choosy and always wants the best [yup!]
* Temperamental [quite la]
* Funny and humorous [feels like i'm losing it]
* Loves to joke [i'm a lousy joker]
* Good debating skills [i suck at debating.. always lose to ida.. ]
* Talkative [hehehehe... sometimes when got moood]
* Daydreamer [muahahhaha, my favourite activity in class]
* Friendly [am i am i?? i am right? hehehhe]
* Knows how to make friends [hmmmm.... not really?]
* Abiding [hmmmm ... dunno]
* Able to show character [what character]
* Easily hurt [yup.. gua...]
* Prone to getting colds [errr... ]
* Loves to dress up [not really... i dress very sui bian one]
* Easily bored [true]
* Fussy [sometimes]
* Seldom show emotions [errrrrrrrrrr...]
* Takes time to recover when hurt [ya gua]
* Brand conscious [sometimes]
* Executive [har?]
* Stubborn [so not..hahahahhaha.. stubborn mer?]
* Those who loves me are enemies [what?]
* Those who hates me are friends [huh?]


ShengPing said...

Temperamental- very lo....
Friendly - yala yala sometimes la..lol..
Abiding- NO
Stubborn - VERY lo...lol

żħї~qїňg said...

hahahhahahah.... very stubborn ah??? heheheh i think is.. err... born with it de.. i remember last time got one old uncle see my writing.. say i stubborn