Tuesday, 14 July 2009


it's a wonder, there's 2 votes.

and minus 1 for the reason "Rich".

wtf, lemme tell u smtg. I am NOT rich.
as in monetary rich, rich.

if i am rich, i will go shop like there's no tomorrow.
if i am rich, i wont be staying at home eating cup noodles for lunch at 4pm today.
if i am rich, i am now somewhere out of this country edi, enjoying beach and nice weather.
if i am rich, i have my own personal maid who cleans up after me.
if i am rich, then i have some reallly kewl imported car liao.
if i am rich, then i wont be looking after my expenses every week.
if i am rich, then i will go air cond shop to eat everyday.
if i am rich, i will hire someone to fetch and pick me up everyday (that excluded bfs).
if i am rich, i will be covered in nike from head to toe.
if i am rich, that will mean that i have $$ for slimming centre,
so i might be covered in MNG(still dun understand the craziness), Guess, and whatever branded stuff girls wear.
but definately no LV pls. lol.

i wish i am rich.
so i can fly when i want to fly,
i can shop when i want to shop,
i can eat wherever and whenever i wan.

ahhhh... but now, only can dream of that kind of life.

and left 1 vote.
let's hope it's not a girl who clicks "yes" lol.

btw, i am not saying that i am any less fortunate that all those rich brats. i am fortunate. very blessed. but not as rich as some people think i am.

thank you. bye.


ShengPing said...

where u get the voting thingy...i wanna vote le....hehe..
who say u rich o??? haha..........

żħї~qїňg said...

if i know who i no need post here edi lorh.. alrd go tembak that fella edi lorh... lol...