Tuesday, 4 August 2009

[Langkawi!!! <3] [Disted] [Piercing]

i hate it when ....

there's a song that keeps playing in my head but i just cant remember the title and the singer


here's langkawi!!

The trip to Langkawi is random. Mum suddenly said something about going for a trip and the weekend after that, we're on our way to Langkawi. I dont know it's just me or what, but i do realise that many people went to Langkawi this year. Langkawi pictures were all over facebook (well, at least it's all over mine). Went with a dslr and a digital camera, came home with 1060 pictures in total.

I wont be cheong hei in this post, cause it's realllly cheong hei. So, to reduce the word count, i put pics and talk k. heheheh

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staying at The Lanai, which is just right beside Holiday Inn. This is the beach in the morning.
Empty, because it's 7.30am.

part of the chocolates we bought.
looks a lot, but then when we came home, not enough. :(
the above costs RM250 already.

err, thought it would look interesting for picture. this is why i love dslr.
stopped beside the road for me to take pics. love the colours in this pic.
but then, it's only considered nice because i'm using a dslr, and not because i'm skillful. :(

you might not see the cable car in this picture, click to enlarge.
took this pic from the ground. looooooooooooooove dslr cause can zoom so far.
and that's wayyyyy high up cause the cables are going up to the last station.

the breath taking view at the middle station. i thought that was the end, but nooooooooo.
it's only half way up and the only way to get down is either i jump down or i go up again.

the bridge. at the last station on top, we have to walk down and down to see this.
well, i told myself, how scary can this thing be?.
it's secured. it's stable.
wtf, by the time i walked to the end of this thing, my legs, shaking alrd.
the stupid bridge can shake one. when the wind blow. wtf.
and there's gaps between every piece of whatever they have as the floor.

crocodile farm.
this crocodile is 1 tonne.
it's the biggest croc in the farm.
it's so fat it can barely move.

why he so happy?
ish, i went front to touch the snake and take pic.
i didnt realise he put that thing on my shoulder.
till i see the picture.
now i know why he so happy. lol.

by the way, we're the earliest visitor to the farm.
waited at the stage area for 30 minutes before the show start.
for the 3 of us. that is why we have the chance to touch and take pic with the snake.

i friggin hold that thing myself.
it's not a toy kay...
it's real snake, can move somemore, wtf.
hehehe de guy behind me looks worried... hmmmmph..

what is visiting LAngkawi without visiting the famous eagle?
i intend to have a poster/postcard like picture of the eagle.
until, the real tourists came. and show their head in my pictures. :(

didnt get to go into Underwater World cause it's pricey and i'm so kiamsiap.
and i know we could be in there for hours and then miss our ferry.

Langkawi, is the only place in Malaysia that recognises Malaysians as Malaysians.
i'm serious. can get 10% to 50% discount on tickets ler...
Just show your Mykad. As simple as that.

example lah,
Cable car --> Normal is RM30 per person. But as Malaysian, it's RM15 per person.
Wildlife Park --> Normal is RM 18(i think), Malaysian RM 12(i also think).
Snake Sanctuary --> Normal is RM15, Malaysian RM10.
Crocodile FArm --> not sure of the price because i went to toilet to hide my camera. they charge RM1 per camera and RM2 per video recorder. LOL.

some places they dont say there's discount for malaysians. all you need to do is just speak malay and ask.
"Mykad ada discount ah?"

EDIT: Oh ya, one thing that i find very interesting in Langkawi is... They NEVER worry that their car could get stolen or something. well, the uncle fetch us to the hotel. stop at the lobby, got out of the car and showed us to the counter, without turning his car engine off. when we told him he didnt turn it off and there's no one to look after the car for him, he just smiled and say it's ok. hehehe. funny lorh. thought he gonna stop for a while only thats why he left it there with no worries. mana tau, he follow us to the room, which is located at the back area. spent bout 15-20minutes unpacking and to freshen up. when we got back, his car is still there. hehehe.... and then, some random guy also left his car engine turned on and he disappeared into the hotel for quite a while. it's another day. walaoeh... in kl, 30 sec nia, the car confirm gone liao...


planned to meet penang people on monday. the day after i came back from the island. but then last minute postpone due to some unavoidable reasons (heheh i was lazy too). so shifted to wednesday. hehehe i think now they know it's a very not wise decision to make me plan. i'm very bad at planning :)

right, my Char Koay Teow and PEnang Asam LAksa plan turned to A&W. heheh dont ask why. even mum also laugh when she know i went to A&W. lol. very funny mer? i dont know where to find good food can anot? hehehe

hehehhe. it's been TWO years since i saw Cynthia, JoLyn and Yen Yen. Yen Yen even left early to other college back then, and then she flew to US to continue her degree. Was quite surprise to get her sms when she got back. hehehe. cause normally people who left oversea will change their number. and forget their old friend.

hahaha for some reason everyone was superbly tired on that day. hehehe when ah .. when can go out with them again ler? next time call more people come :)
la la la... *dream of that day*

then after taht we walked arnd Gurney plaza. then went home. no pictures cause, it's all with yen yen :)

oh ya, i went back to Disted for a while to get my certs certified and get some syllabus thingy. i went straight to see Cikgu. but the first person i saw is that lec i hated the most in that coll. Miss L. lol.
*skips the entire disted part*


Aug 2: I finally pierced my ears.

hehehe. i kept delaying. because i'm afraid. of pain. and needles.
and i didnt help when there are more than 1 people who told me that their first piercing didnt work, so have to go get the second one.

i would have delayed again, if not because mum alrd walked into the shop and asked.

it's very weird to have something on my ears. hehehehe. just nw i lupa i got the small thing on my ears. then i scratch it. and then ter-pull my earing. blah. lucky not serious.

getting used to it. hehehehe. hope it works ler.
after this i gonna go get 2nd one... hehehehhehe.....


pixiepixie said...


i miss miss penang food. too bad i wasn't there!

i miss u, cyn & hazel!

dont even see them online often anymore. sigh... pls tell me u will be in penang end of this year. LOL
we have to meet up again, go for a movie or smtg!

and ooooo ur langkawi trip seems so fun!

żħї~qїňg said...

didnt get to see hazel this time cause she's busy with exams.. i think...

hmm.. i have another 1 month break in december.. my semester ends 11th december... can??

pixiepixie said...

can can can can!! i will be back in dec definitely. just dunno what date cuz i havent confirmed yet. hahaha. will do that nearer to the hols..

eh btw, ur langkawi trip is for how many days and how much it costs? im planning to go ler~ seems fun and i never been there b4... hahaha

żħї~qїňg said...

ok just confirm with me... sure can meet one la.. *fingers crossed*

went there friday come back saturday... not sure how much the hotel cost but it's quite alot ler... bout rm400-500... but if book early may be cheaper... and during off peak season should be cheaper...

the overall cost.. err... it'l be cheaper if u have malaysian ic.. and speak malay because some places they dun specify that malaysians get discount.. you have to ask urself... and ask at the hotel also what is the malaysian rate(if u're asking thru phone)...

the ticket charges bout rm 50 plus minus for cable car, wildlife park, snake santuary and crocodile farm... then i think underwater world cost bout rm28 per person..

err if u plan to go more than 2-3 days u can try go-karting(not sure the price cause we didnt go there)... and also snorkelling(rm150-200, im not sure must confirm with my fren)..

then while there u need to rent a car...(bout rm100-200 per day)...