Monday, 17 August 2009

my first day in semester 2, year 1

today is the first day of class after like 5 weeks break. missing my classmates lots already by this time, but then when get back to class, everyone seems different. not everyone lah, but almost everyone. went to college at 8am, reach at 8.30am. mana tau no parking inside college edi, so i have to go and park inside hutan belantara opposite college. still very empty that place >.<

then walk over to college lorh. oh ya before that when i turn in to college hor, this pig aunty behind me with her pig brain keep honking ppl nia with her sissy honk. memalukan myvi driver. you can obviously see that the front car is not moving already, so honk for what? i'm close to showing her the middle finger wtf.

i tried to go as slow as i can just to make her more angry than she is hahaha, but then, i cant go that slow also, i got my own prinsip(pride).

the first thing when i finally park my car and walk to college is to go to the underground department to get my result. omg i didnt fail!!

it's quite good for my standard larh.. i got a D, 3 Bs and 1A.

[to clarify hor, the D i got is a difficult paper and it's very difficult to score and that is the only paper with very high chances of failure horrr...i didnt do that well cause, i didnt study finish.. so to pass the paper i very happy liao.. btw, thanks to sheng ping who teman me go library on the SUNDAY before the paper on monday...altho din study finish but still with her 'encouraging' me to go library..cover more than i could cover alone at home...]

it's been a while i actually get an A for my final paper. *heheheh*
not bad for first time exam :)

then go to class lorh. ish. damn soi la today. for no reason i keep staring at the lec. then she call me answer question which i dont know how to answer and i dont really understand the question also. and my mind was also somewhere else at that time. and for some reason i get tongue tied when lec asks questions(it happens every time). hehehe i'm shy. fb says so.

memalukan. omg my first day. :\

then after class went subway to makan then groceries then go home.

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