Sunday, 23 August 2009


see this doggie damn cute right? she/he is in the ready for adoption area.
and then suemay went over and she/he sticks out his/her head out of that opening.

we planned to go out together on friday. because this may be the last time we can have a stress free fun this semester. decided to go out before we face all the 8 major assignments this semester.

the options is either to PAWS or to curve to watch movie.

we decided on PAWS. hehehe. my classmates are charitable.

so on friday, being a malaysian, i woke up early but went a bit later. hehe. they finish class at 10.30am. june finish exam at 11.30am. me, at home online till 11.00am before i start getting ready. hehehe.

okay, left my house bout 12pm-ish... reach sunway to fetch suemay and yingfern then head to usj to fetch june. went to her house before once a few days before that, and that was when there was no jam. when i went on friday, there was a jam, so i missed a traffic light and ended up kinda lost. u turned and then take the correct way. then we kinda got lost going to subang. hehehe paiseh. from subang jaya to subang also can get lost. -.-"

we got lost going there

from bukit jelutong to bandar sunway to usj 13 to usj 9 to federal highway to bukit jelutong to kampung subang to some secluded military area to some sesat looking place to a 7-11 in the sesat place to subang airport to ara damansara to PAWS!!

going time: aprox 1 hour
coming back time: less than 5 mins"

heheh copied the above from facebook cause i lazy explain edi. so that was roughly what happened. went one biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig round and paid toll just because i took one wrong turning.

in kampung subang, we drove right into a gated area with a sign that says "Kawasan Larangan. Penceroboh akan ditembak." or something like that. lol.

what do we do there?

okay, first, we choose a dog. there's alot of cute dogs there for you to choose from. beware tho, must look properly before choosing or u'll end up with a rather 'kuailan and lazy' dog.

then, we ask the guy to 'rantai' the dog and we take it to walk just outside. after walking enough, then we brought the dog back to get a bath. according to june, we're supposed to dry the dog before putting it in the cage. but then, the workers there immediately put my dog into the cage after bath cause they said my dog is dangerous. "boleh lawan" says them. i was like, "err.. okayyy..."

walking the dog

we sat there for a while, and also playing with the resident dog there and the golden retriever. it's so cute, so sorry im still afraid of dogs or humans touching my thigh. then we got bored and started playing with the puppies. rotweilers puppies. but then they're not as fat and chubby as simmy's rotweiler. :)

with one of the baby rotweiler

that was when my dog got jealous in the cage. (long story, but i found out my dog memang quite ganas.. when i get near to the cage she shared with other dogs, she would growl at the other dogs in a rather threatening manner if they get near me also...)

after what feels like a very long time, we went back. drove straight to asia cafe to have my pan mee. was starving. the fact was that i had only milo and biscuit before i went.

okay, then the others din eat. -.=
cause they want to have desserts in snowflake. :)
okay that's all abt paws.

Note: Anyone who feels something for dogs but cannot own a dog, or anyone who feels charitable, you can click here to find out more about PAWS. Remember to download the volunteer application form from here first and fill before going.


LyNn said...

and there goes our last friday :(

żħї~qїňg said...

first and last.. sighs