Thursday, 27 August 2009


is hell.. T______T

[please stop reading if: you dont want to get depressed after reading. or you dont have much time to waste and get depressed in the process. or you hate people who writes with very obvious grammartical and spelling error. or you have posts without pictures. or you just hate that people write about their bad day. or whatsoever other reasons you can think of. there's this tiny X button somewhere up there.]

this is the third depressing post in a row. like, wtf.

i woke up 6.35am today, class at 10.30am. yay me. lol.

reached college at bout 7.56am. 2 half hours to spare wtf. alone somemore. wtf x2.

to add salt to the wound, i only managed to sleep at 2.30am the night before. wtf right?

okay, spent like 2 hours in the empty class alone. thank god the netbook i kidnapped is stil functioning. now im deeply in love with netbooks cause they're so mini-ish small and light. and i dont have to carry the charger everywhere i go cause the battery lasts 9.5 hours, fully charged. like, how cool is that right? too bad it doesnt belong to me.

tried fb-ing and read blogs to kill my time. and also look for journals and search for some resources.

right, class is good. no lecture... 3 hours of pure fun. first two hours were given to us so that we could discuss our workshop which is like, happening next friday and we have not do anything yet. the bad news in the class is, the people who will be attending increased from 10 people to 20 something people. and i HAD to be in the group with the more participants. FML.

dr teoh ask what brand is my netbook. i said asus. till today i cant pronounce the word correctly and he went, "What brand?". lol. so i said, "A-S-U-S". LOL

then after lunch went to print my form. stupid so many people in the printing room and we damn lazy to go to the other block just to print it so we just go and meet the rest underground. they were... painting nails... =.="

went to loan VABS manual from the dept and joined them. i thought it would be a very cool kit with the tools and everything. mana tau it's a photocopied book. a very old, and thick photocopied and staple binded book. borriiiiinngg... so i tried to group the questions and leave the book aside. lol.

got my nails painted also cause they were already doing it. lol.

okay then went to class. tutorial is ok lorh. at least she didnt pick on me. and the workload wasnt that heavy. then rushed to the other tutorial. the lec suddenly become very strict with photocopied books. lol. and toward the end she kinda scolded one of my classmates. sighs.

after class went on "conference msn". lolx. friggin scary okay.

and somehow everyone turn me down for dinner today. :(

class ends 5.30pm. was msn-ing and email-ing till 7plus pm.

sue went for dinner with her fren, and i was overly hungry i think and i dont feel like eating anymore, so i went my way. to print my forms. and go home. going home was no fun. rain plus it's dark already sighs. i kinda have this phobia to drive in rain thanks to the accident last year.

i need TWO people who are willing to spare some time so that i can continue with my assignment.
i need ONE parent who has a kid preferably bout 6-8 years old.

i so friggin tired and stressed out.

and thanks to some childish people, make me more "grumpy" than i already am.
dinner was cup noodles only. same like not eating.

when im hungry, i get grumpy. wtf.

i very 'bu shuang' right now. sighs. lecture sucks. T_____________T
i want to cry wtf.


LyNn said...

you could have called me -.-"

żħї~qїňg said...

call u for what o??

LyNn said...

haha teman you la.
since you came so early

żħї~qїňg said...

hahah like not good right, drag u to uni so early just to teman me.. heheheh

yuanzhou said...

Your so-called depressing posts does just the exact opposite for me. Haha! All the best for this sem! :D

żħї~qїňg said...

hahah 'so-called'..

btw, thanks!!