Wednesday, 12 August 2009


this marks my first time going to see a celebrity on purpose, and standing in front(err...side) of the stage half an hour earlier than the scheduled time(means i stood there at 7pm).

i was alone (oh, so lonely).

i almost gave up (he was uberly late).

i mean very. very. late.

imagine. 7.30pm event. arriving at close to 9pm.

but it was damn worth it.

that's the best picture by the way.

ps: im trying to cut down on the words i write in a post because it feels like reading a novel but it still seems very long because i just dont know how to stop talking(err, typing in this case).


pixiepixie said...

was it also an autograph session thing? did he talk to ppl while signing autographs or he's too damn hot for that also? hahahah

żħї~qїňg said...

well he didnt sign autograph cause he hurt his hand.. right hand somemore.. so those who bought his album just got to shake hands with him. no pics.. hahahha... i know what u gonna say...

two days before his penang trip, his hand memang got cast one.. like what gary had a while ago.. hmmm