Sunday, 13 September 2009

cleaners suck

tell me what do you see?

it's a frigging torn side of a paper like material?

NO, it's a RM20+ A3 size poster.
and it doesnt even belong to me.
yuki is so gonna kill me.

for some reasons i really hate the cleaners who came by every two weeks.
frigging RM95(last time i check) for like 2 hours of not so clean cleaning.

i will make sure that i wont be home when they come,
because i dont want to see them.

i really hate it when things are not done my way.
ok cleaning isnt my thing, so i'll leave it to the experts.

i really cant stand it when my things are wrongly placed.
i am very particular bout things like this because if it is out of place, means i cant find it, and it means that i have to waste time finding something that i dont know where it is. get me?

for example, things i leave on the floor, there are reason for them lah.
it's either they dont fit in the shelf or i have yet to find a place for them.

and, some things are supposed to be where they are.
i came back yesterday finding that all the things on the floor are out of their places.
i do understand that they have to remove it to mop or sweep the floor. they can just chuck it on the bed(not that they're removing the mattress on the floor to clean it or something) then put it back where they get from when they finish.

my basket with all the chargers are supposed to be behind the lamp, not in front.
i told you i'm frigging particular bout things like that.

my paper box and the things surrounding it (etc, empty files and plaster boxes) are supposed to be at the right side of the mirror, out of my view, not in front of the cupboard door where i can see it every minute every second.

my hairdryer should be on the floor, next to the plug. not inside the basket with all the chargers and digital stuff.

my tissue packets can be put anywhere. anywhere but on the shelf with my books. and notes.

my box of junanex should be behind the mirror, not in the middle of the room.

my paper bag of papers and books should be left just beside the rack.
not beside my bed. wtf, they're so far away.

my guess is, they wanted to chuck everything they can in the shelf. but then there's no space, so they left the stuff on the floor in the middle of the way and they want to make me angry cause i make them work extra the last time they came. lolx.

i so hope there's nothing such as dust and dirt in this world so that i dun need to go thru all this shit every two weeks. urgh. so fucking angry right now.

it's not even my poster.

and you know what?
the last time they came, i was in the midst of rearranging the stuff in the room, so i left the laundry basket outside.
you know what fcuk they did?
they put all the dirty clothes from all the other rooms IN my laundry basket.
omg so frigging pissed.

and when i went to wash my clothes i was wondering why is it so heavy.
babi betul take out all guys clothes and undies. babi betul. geram sial masa tu.
and kena marah for no reason because i didnt wash those clothes together.
my own clothes also one full load edi how to wash together.

luckily my parents were around so i dont have to do all that shit.

now, i need to continue doing my work.

ish babi la the poster is ripped.

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