Monday, 19 October 2009

Love? Or not?

i didn't want to wake up today. waking up means, facing another stressful week. gosh, i don't know how those people who are involved in sooooo many other co-curricular activities survive in Uni. don't they also have assignments? dont they ever sleep? *wonders wonders*

right, i thought i was already late, but then when i hit the road, it was unusually empty. not really empty, but traffic was smooth. *wonders again....* hmmm...

okay, i was half asleep when i reach Uni (not yet 100% wake up yet...hmmph)
but then i took out my laptop and start with Country Story and Mouse Hunt!!

didnt really get to sleep at all in calss, cause it starts at 9am today...
lecture was interesting today, too bad there wasnt any notes.. would remember better if there's notes for lecture...
how i wish dr.P could just load all the notes on the net and not hand it to the certain someone. can print it anytime i want and anyhow i want...

okay, after class went for discussion. expected the senior to... get angry with me for not really doing any work at all despite the given time, but then she was cool.. hehehe

after the discussion, went to pyramid with rach, sue, ying, and steph... parked rather far, imagine from new wing to old wing cause i want McD. xD almost want to reach McD edi oni i realise, "OMG, i TOTALLY FORGOT ABT MY WALLET AND LEFT IT IN THE CAR!!"... how the hell can i be so careless?? have to walked back all the way to the other side of the mall, to the highest floor(cause i couldnt find parking) and then walk all the way back to McD to find that my friends aren't there! wtf moment right? and no one's picking up my call U KNOW>??

right, turn out they're all in KFC... swt =.=""

you know what is the best thing that happens today?? besides the rather interesting lecture?


YES, i got the tickets to THIS IS IT, Michael Jackson movie on the 30th Oct!! Yippie!! Hooray!! Jumps for joy!!
i queued up like 30 minutes for this U KNOW???? all the while i was expecting that the tics were sold out or something, mana tau, THERE ARE STILL TICs LEFT!!!! and i got the couple seat hehehehe... gonna pak tor with my 'darlie' on 30th... !! xD

at times, when i was queuing, i wanted to give up, but rach was like "haiya dun like that lah, u already queue so long already"... that's because i thought they were sold out ok!hahaha bliss...

**cant wait for the movie...**

ok, now i want to go and sleep, and get started with my term paper. 15 pages more to go, approximately 3000 word, and im not at 0.

i really wanna smack myself for doing LAST minute work EVERYTIME. WHY?


xxx from the lecture today xxx

here's something for guys and girls to think about...

GUYS, would you ever date a girl who is literally fatter than you?
would you be comfortable going out with her, holding her hands, and introducing her to your friends as your girlfriend? would you?

GIRLS, imagine that you're not that slim...
a guy asked you out for a date. he's thinner than you are.
would you say, "yeah, ok sure.." or would you think and say, "erm, i'm busy"?
would you be comfortable going out with him, holding his hands and him introducing you to his frens?
would you?

and also, When you do falll in love with someone, does looks count?


kenwooi said...

fat as in chubby is okay..
but fat as in obese.. NOOOO! =D

Theeggyolks said...

It's fine if she's "fat" but healthy :)

pixiepixie said...

for a girl, i must say none of the guys i dated was very good looking at all. i like ppl not for their looks but how we communicate with each other. if we can click and if there's a spark then i'll be happy to go out with the guy.

furthermore, no one has EVER complimented any of my bfs to be good looking.. (for the recent one, lots of aunties said his face very girly and sweet lol).. but thats about it.

and my friend told me before that she feels that im not one of those girls who will date a guy cuz of his looks but rather his personality.


if a skinny guy asks me out, i'd only say yes if we click and if im interested. not merely because im fatter than him and i feel embarrassed abt it. i think girls with low self-esteem should open up more and let ppl get to know them better. or else how would u ever get to know u deserve ur happiness too?

żħї~qїňg said...

>>kenwooi & theeggyolks<<

thanks for commenting :)
um, how if... she's ... not actually fat, but she looks fat cause she's short?


thanks for the 'essay'...

um, are u sure when u say NONE of the guys u dated are goodlooking?
well, i do realise looks doesnt really matter and it's all abt whether the two person can click or not... but still... *low self esteem issues*

o.O he met ur families...

very true bout the self esteem thing.. but it's not that easy u know...

btw, i think im losing my points here... omg feels like going into exam hall with the points then cant write it out... suck

pixiepixie said...


no lar he didnt meet my family. im saying his mom's friends say his face girly and sweet.. those aunty aunty la.. lol

but yeah, ppl actually told me how hideous my ex looked like. hell, even i think he's hideous. but thats not the point of the whole relationship.

i mean if ur saying that there has to be a prerequisite in a relationship that everyone say to be equally as skinny/fat or equally as ugly/goodlooking; then there wouldn't occasionally be those fat chicks with skinny dudes we see on the streets or those ugly dudes with pretty girls we see around the mall rite?

i guess there's many ways to look at this. and i do agree that it all comes down to personal preference and it has to do with ur own self-esteem if ur able to accept being with someone completely different (in looks or other aspects) than you.


PS: if exams i can talk as much as i do now, it'd be really awesome. lol

żħї~qїňg said...

o.O ic ic.. ok ok..
um, no comment bout ur ex.. nvr met him before hahaha...

u have ur point there..

its easy to say, but in reality.. on my opinion... hmmmph, its not that easy... (what the hell am i saying? hahah forget it)

urgh 2900 words more to go for my essay. nak naik gila edi