Sunday, 22 November 2009

Friday. 5pm

Do you know what the thrill of having assignments is? It’s when people like me, who loves doing assignments at the very last minute.

My very last assignment for this semester was due on Thursday. However, for some reason, we have another assignment which was due a day before. I tell you, designing a poster and writing a 3000 word essay is no easy thing to do. And doing them like, a day before the due date no words to describe.

For some reason, I handed my poster assignment early. Like, a day before the due date. Was rushing like mad to finish it and print it out. Quite disappointed with the printing though. I choose a simple purple background for the poster, but at the printing shop, it came out like sandy colour. Yeah, very big difference. But I didn’t say a thing, paid and left.

The essay assignment, which was supposed to due on Thursday, was being pushed till Friday at 5pm. We handed it in like, 4.45pm? hahah told you, I’m very last minute. You know the feeling? It is like, I can never start writing a word even a day before the due date. I actually started the whole thing on Friday itself. Ok, I spent like two days on introduction. A pathetic 300 words introduction. I was very proud when I finished it though.

On Friday morning, me and my ‘partner’ planned to have early breakfast at McD, say, 6am? Means I have to leave the house at like, 5.30am. I woke up at 5.30am, there’s no call from her yet. She promised to call at 5.20am. I called her like twice, but she didn’t pick up, and I knew by then she couldn’t wake up. Hehe. Understandable, cause we planned it like 1am, and I bet she didn’t have any sleep the whole night. And the day before, I managed to have a nap, but then, she didn’t. she was in uni for the whole entire day.

So I went to get take away. Drove past taylors, saw the nasi lemak mak cik there. Missed the nasi lemak. And I thought, since I was there already, why not?

So I bought, 1 big packet of nasi lemak, 3 big pieces of sago kuih (omg I so love it), and TWO breakfast set from mcd. Heheh. Reach uni like 8am, and I sat at the same place till 4.30pm. I didn’t have to move to have lunch cause, I had the nasi lemak for lunch. :D

Now that I think back, I think I did quite some minor and major mistakes in that essay. Like, I think I misread the question.

If I really did, then I think it’s time to say, FML!

If not, then, “phew”.


s.c.h.u.l.t said...

I love breakfast mc d oso!!

sausage mc muffin with egg! HUAAAAA.. super sedappppppppppp

żħї~qїňg said...

heheh yaya ... sedap dan murah kan?