Thursday, 28 January 2010

I spent 17 hours in uni

Yesterday was a record.

Came to uni at 8am and only went home at 1.10am.
Technically, I can say that I stayed in uni for 2 days straight..hehehe

Class was ok, couldnt concentrate during motivation class cause my attention and heart is in the brochure assignment. Blame myself for last minute. I hate it that I always do thing last minute. And my group member has to suffer cause I am last minute. Argh, this is a bad habit that should be changed!

Didnt even went out for lunch cause everyone is busy doing the brochure.

The second class was fun tho, get to see 3 types of tarantulas, a gecko and a guinea pig. :D

Guinea Pig sho cute! but didnt get to play with it tho...
Touched a Gecko for the first time...
and get to see how tarantulas react when threatened...

And, we get to see quite alot of rather disgusting pictures :D
Crocodile's autopsy and preservation, tiger's autopsy, and monkey autopsy.

Oh ya, there was also one preserved Cheetah Cat (if im not mistaken) head. passed around.. hahaha

then after class continued with the brochure information =.-
then went for dinner and got started with design part...

ended at slightly after 1am and finally get to go home :D

LOL. and nnot even 10 hours at home, have to come to uni again :(

slept at 3am and woke up at 6.15am :(

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