Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year and the fuss [i] : The Resolutions

Right, lots of people have posted bout New Year already (reflect on past year, past decade, unrealistic resolutions, etc).

I'm very outdated i know. You see, there are always things that i will be SLOW in. for example, if tomorrow is my friend's birthday, i dont sms her at 12am sharp.. because i know no matter how sharp i sms her or wish her, there would be someone who's faster. So, if i already know i wont be the first person, why would i want to waste my time? xD Play Facebook better lah hehehe...

This is going to be a pictureless post. Because there's ZERO picture in this laptop. Sorry, boring long post ahead.

First, i start with new year resolutions.

1. Lose weight and be healthy
As much as i love to admit it, I AM FAT. What's worst, I AM OBESE. *omg now the whole world knows im obese* I am stepping into the world of adulthood this June. I have been fat as long as i can remember. I feel very lucky to have parents who, do not force me to lose weight when i was younger and FAT. they did tried to make me exercise, but lazy people dont like to exercise. and i cant stand to be hungry, so i have to eat. PLUS, when i am angry, i eat. i binge.

Losing weight isnt so much about what the others think. I dont really care actually. For my whole life, i have been teased for being Fat. especially during chinese new year. Aku dah lali with all the words that came out from their mouth. Fat? yes, i admit.

Losing weight is more about being healthy. I thought i am normal, as in health wise lah. But now that I am more matured, I dont think so anymore. Hehehe.. Normal healthy teen do not complain of backache, shoulder ache. Normal healthy teen do not spend on Salonplas, Yoko-Yoko, etc. It's not like it's there for only a short period of time. I started buying yoko-yoko when i was 18. if a 18 year old who do much sports complains of aching, its normal. but all i ever do is sit around and watch tv. then, i proceed to buying various types of Salonplas-like thingy. It went on for at least two years before i gradually stop. Of course, there are also health risk that are too lengthy to be said here.

So, losing weight for me, is more about health than what the others think. i want to lose at least 10kg before my 21st birthday. I need to. I might still be obese at that time, but at least im making a progress right?

2. Get a bf
When will my time come? People often say, "this kind of thing cannot rush one lah, must wait for the right time one". So my question, What if the time never come? What if i remain single for the rest of my life? Now i might still have friends, but what if they get their bf and have no time for me? I still do feel being in a relationship requires huge commitment, and it takes two hands to clap. Past experiences, I was too coward and have very low self esteem. so low that i start making up endless excuses that he is just fooling around.

Although i sound desperate, I am not going to jump into any relationship blindly. I'll just have to wait for the time to come.

3. No more failures, no no no
I am not a very studious person. I never revise, I do my assignments last minute. For 2010, i hope to change my attitude and really make an effort in everything i do. no matter it's assignments, exams, or losing weight, I will try my best to put in effort.

Failed two of the four paper i sit for last semester, because there was not much time to study and this is the two subjects i hate the most. I do hope that this is the last time I will fail in any exams.


Winnie Chong said...

I use Yoko-Yoko too you know.

As for the boyfriend part, yes I know girls can get impatient at times. But I've come to a conclusion that Asian men are not sensitive enough. They are afraid of commitment too. So maybe you should make the first move :)

żħї~qїňg said...

i used to use them every day u know.
once or twice i even use them when i go to class..

hahahah impatient.. hmmmph... hahah whatever it is, i shall just wait. w a i t.. hehehe..

well, i do see girls who wants to be in a relationship and have the chance but they're just too choosy and afraid of commitment. from what i observe lah not from experience hahahahah

LyNn said...

eh cuba counter pain.
its the best :P

żħї~qїňg said...

apa tu??

LyNn said...

its like yoko yoko only better

żħї~qїňg said...

o.O serious?? smelly anot de??
heheheh im now using some magnetic patch thiing.. no smell... and its small

LyNn said...

haha i can bring for you to try :P
i dont know bout smell
im not picky when it comes to reducing pain

żħї~qїňg said...

hahahah ok then.. dun need bring so ma huan lah.. just take pic and show me can edi