Thursday, 11 February 2010

im still alive

so far so good, all the assignments for this semester done and handed in alrd.
two big assignments due today and i managed to finish it early. well, earlier than past assignments lah. thanks to my hardworking groupmates also, and thank God the other report is observation and i was lucky i had one whole week to spent with my brother's dog a few months back.

okay, i didnt sleep last night cause i didnt start my individual report till 1am and it was due today.
unmotivated mah what to do?

ookay, been abandoning my blog for like so long, i dont know what is call blog anymore :(
*cue Suju's Sorry Sorry*

i think it's been more than 1 week. hehe. okay, we randomly planned a surprise for Rachel's birthday and gosh, it was really surprising for her hahaha. first ever successful bday surprise mah so must boast abit one... ok we all learn that, err, in order to make a bday surprise a suprising surprise, do not plan wayyyyyy before hand. hehe. her bday's monday and we are busy with quiz and assignments, so we celebrated like, the friday before. thursday before :D it was extremely random, cause we dont do random stuff. i think.

then we went to get her present on friday. hehhe. cutest present. everything is just sho cute. cute-ness.

i think i suck at quiz.
this week is realllly stressful. very. i got emo like everyday after class. just couldnt stand the pressure.
i slept 2 hours last night.
hopefully the assignments are alright.

praying that next sem would be a smooth sailing one, since i am taking only two main subjects. hope with my fingers crossed. and hopefully our class timing would clash so that, we can go out for lunch or something together.

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