Thursday, 4 March 2010

boooks, boooooooooks and booooooooooooooooooooooks

H E L L O ! ! !

My exam's over!
Short semester's O_V_E_R!

I'm happier when the first paper's over tho. Cause i think i should be able to pass. Unless, i misread the essay question again and then got a BIG ZERO!

Second paper, wasn't very confident i can pass leh. Thanks to last minute plan and failed new year resolution. :(

I'll be very thankful that I can even pass my second paper. :D :D


Since exam's over, and holidays are here, it's time to have a life.
lol konon.

Just finish editing my Chinese New Year pictures into facebook.

Went out at 11am today and went to Pyramid, Amcorp and Uni.
holiday also go back uni, i very semangat hor??

wahhh today finally had my gui lin gao... increased price edi tho...
if i go eat everday, sure broke one.
damn expensive liao =.=
but what to do?
nice mah :D :D

oh ya. Pyramid's subway stuff got attitude problem.
Btw, why different branch charge different prices?
I bought subway daily special during my exam week.
There's NO tax involved. WHY in Pyramid branch they charge tax?

LOL didnt argue there because:
  • i have no energy to talk to them
  • their face quite lansi at that time
  • i dont want to be the noisy customer. i got an image to keep. LOL
  • they treat me like i invisible. if i talk panjang lebar, and they continue to ignore me how?
  • i should just walk off, i know. but i got a hungry tummy to feed. there's no point walking off without my meatball subway.
  • they did not arrange the meatballs properly.
  • isit that the branch in Pyramid, business too good till they can become lansi to customer?
  • if that's so, i rather starve, or drive to ss15 to get my subway.

drove to Amcorp after Pyramid.
hahah walao, depend on google map, really have to understand English.
lucky i have someone to ask weh, if not, sesat go where also dunno.

@glayton yeap thanks u very muchie for pointing the right way.
i hope the spelling's correct. :D


the books there are really cheap ok. it's like half price from normal book stores and that's their normal price.
kinda sad tho. if i have gotten one more book, then i can register 3 years membership liao.
im rm14 away from the 3 years membership.

but for the member, 5% discount for rm100 and over. if im not mistaken.
useless for me lah.

not like i have time to read so many books.


im not a nerd.

tho i sound like im gila-ing over book sale.
rather than branded clothing sale.


i have nice plans for the weekend.

my exam's over.
i thought i could rest.

but noooooooooooooo....

no resting till ... next week!

its good and bad. hope i dun just die of fatigue.
good is, photography trip- ON!



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