Monday, 26 April 2010

Marina Island in March

last month, during my semester break, it kinda became my photography week. came back to hometown from kl for two days, then went to ipoh for a couple of days and then went to penang and the days after that are all in sitiawan. met up with old school mates too. they're all now photography-addict. LOL.

one fine day, we went to marina island to take pictures. went there with daphnez, ben, jansen and ming. here are the result of that day.

rocker chic. this is one of my favorite picture.

hehe i love this one too. kinda showed how tall the coconut tress are.

model of the day.
very album cover-ish.

love in the sand.

love how this one turn out.
another one of my favourite.

photographer and model.

the star of the day.
the elephant!

i dont know is this good or bad.

the sun is setting.

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