Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lucky Escape

this afternoon, after class, I went to register my subjects. Sadly, there's no more space for tutorial 1, and so I had to sign up for tutorial 2. :( Not very happy. I know it doesn't matter which class I go to, but i think i find more comfort with tutorial 1. I think. Should change my mind set! As Daph said, "this is your chance to meet new people and explore."

Then, after that went to Pyramid via Shuttle bus with the Shadows :D

Ok, I was walking ahead, while 3 others were behind. As i was walking towards the bus stop, i heard "Krak, krak" sound. Quite loud one ok... Then suddenly I hear something heavy fell, and i stop and turned to the back, and THE WHOLE TREE BRANCH FELL!! if it's a small branch, then I'm not that freaked out, but this branch is more than 1 meter long ok~!

I was lucky that I walked past the 'accident zone' 1 or 2 seconds earlier. I cant imagine where will I be if that tree branch fell directly on me. According to Sue, the branch FELL VERTICALLY!!! OMGosh, that's the scary part.

I wonder, if the branch fell on me, and i died, would anyone care?

And the creepy thing is, this morning a much bigger branch fell right in front two of the shadows when they went to buy breakfast. definitely much, much, much bigger branch in diameter. luckily, they stop and talk and then the branch fell.

Ok this is like, super creepy... what is the odd of TWO branches falling RIGHT IN FRONT of you in TWO separate incidents??

Thank YOU God, I never walked so fast, but today I kinda walked faster than usual, I don't know why too. Thank You, Thank You :D


Hapiz Rahman said...

how lucky.. :)

Lukey Cher Hong said...

wow... tree branches dun like u?

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Serene said...

that is indeed freaky..

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nancy said...

lol... god bless u... :)

żħї~qїňg said...

hr: heheh yeah very lucky

lukey: um, maybe? it happen to me once, but twice to one of my friends.

serene: yeah *shivers*

nancy: thanks :D