Thursday, 17 June 2010

my fingers are tired

urgh! just typed quite a long post. with the phone. and then i saved it in draft and start all over again. what the hell. my fingers are starting to get tired. ouch my fingers.

ok i was just thinking about my grandparents and how they would watch what they eat to control their cholesterol, high blood pressure,etc. ok they don't eat prawns. oh cool, my phone t9 dictionary has the word prawns. for my birthday this year, i really wanted a prawns based meal. but i was just thinking. birthdays happens every year. it's just a birthday no big deal. aren't their health more important than my cravings for prawns? i shouldn't be selfish. should count my blessings that my family is coming and spending time for my birthday. hehe.

today is the starting of the very last week of my 20yearold. i'm gonna be 21. have to grow up. :) be more considerate of others. i ain't no spoilt brat. i ain't no princess.

by the way, 3am is the new 11pm

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