Saturday, 4 September 2010

its all about me!

. i kinda forgot i have a blog.

. its frustrating not to know how to read chinese.

. bought a new awesome bed sheet last thursday.

. went out with cuzzie last tuesday.

. im not craving snowflakes because i had that with her on tuesday.

. gary is posting a new status everyday. me likey!

. it's it that hard to type a reply? because some people just don't know how to reply.

. fine. i should have known better.

. i realised, the mind is a very powerful tool. it can make me happy one moment, and very depressed the next.

. i am very tired trying to control the mind. everytime it went to the wrong side, i have to try very hard to bring it back to the right side.

. dont care if anyone understands, as long as i do.

. my english getting suckier.

. i regret not mastering the languages properly.

. i regret not learning to speak in dialect.

. i have jealousy issue. something with the right and wrong side of the mind.

. partly is because im super sensitive too. i make up stories which may not be true and tend to exaggerate.

. i said im craving ice cream, but its not exactly a craving. i just want to go out and do something.

. we have completed the brain! quite nicely done, and it costs a bomb.

. i am anti-social.

. i rejected any forms of invitation. some with valid reasons, some with made-up excuse.

. i think i am a weeee bit depressed sometimes.

. i am wondering where is the other half.

. i have also wondered, why had God made me this way. not that i blame or what, just wondering. and why did he made my friends, or random people the way they were.

. i drive super slow.

. i drove to pg and got stopped by police, for exceeding 2kmph over the speed limit. ff. the joys of driving during festive season.

. the way im living my life, i might as well go stay in a cave, away from civilisation.

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