Sunday, 10 October 2010

Unimaginable Busy-ness

i am tired.
- just got back from a frigging long drive because of the jam.
i drove more than 3 straight hours, shut up!

i have a lot of things lined up.

- waiting for me to complete.
- waiting for me to touch.

Monday, i have two major discussions.
pls give me strength so that i can take it all in on Monday.

Tuesday, meeting up with friend and her classmates.
i need a break from all the work OK.

Wed and Thur, work my ass off.

Friday, due date for brain parts and functions.

next Monday, presentation.
formal, with formal jacket, heels, and make up (nightmare).
and it's going to be video-ed. FML.

next Wednesday, FML much, due date for the research paper that i have yet to start.
i have no idea :
- on how to interpret the result, which means that, how am i supposed to start on writing the whole paper?
- and on how to look for journals for a research that was probably done countless times, but is not published?

next next Monday, due date for the report for the presentation.

i can "phew" after that, but i have to be reminded that i have yet to touch any text books or start in any form of revision.
double FML.

oh BTW,

i like it on the bed.

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