Wednesday, 20 April 2011

曹格 Gary Chaw >Back In Control< Album Promo at Lowyat!

This week has been a very GFC weekend. Spent Saturday night with GFC peeps and Sunday night again at Gary's promo tour. I get to know new people, and, I get to see Gary!!!!! Why didn't I join in their activities earlier??? Was kind of sick before Saturday, and it always gets worse when I came back at night. Coughed till 5am before i get to sleep :( 

Anyways, GARY

Started the journey at 3.30pm from Sunway Pyramid, fetching Phaik and her brother. I didn't want to go there alone and they are heading the same way, so we decided to go together. xD It's so boring in my car that both of them fell asleep. *Am i that boring?* T__T

Then went to Low Yat Plaza. First time I drive to KL during weekends. Was praying really hard for parking, and there's like very close chances, but missed all of them. Ended up parking in B5. Quite scary cause it's such a secluded place, but thankfully, there's 2 other people with me. Went to the lift and guess what we saw!! Gary's promo tour details on the lift door. It's on EVERY floor ok. No kidding, and, on BOTH the lifts. It's impossible the shoppers there can missed staring at Gary while waiting for the very slow lift. xD Unless they choose to go up using elevator which is faster, but imagine walking up from B5, and there's like 5 floors of walking past Gary's promo advert xD hehehehhe

Oh ya, MY FIRST TIME IN LOW YAT. why is it in caps? i dont know, just for the fun of it. xD 

Walked around a little bit and then went outside and met Tracy. Followed him arnd for tickets hehehe. The organizers are preparing for the night, setting up stage, seats, banners, etc.

The emcee for CSL (the main organiser) booth already start to attract people at 4 something already; giving away goodies bag etc. hehe. 

We wanted poster so we walked near and Tracy said we want poster. So he gave us poster and then later the goodie bag. I didn't open and see what's inside beause I thought it would be all papers and nothing else. Only when I sat down at cafe I realise there's a car phone holder. It's not expensive, and it's not cheap too. That's why till today i haven bought any. And, most important, don't need to buy edi xD 

We got 50 tickets for the friend club. Zone A tickets... Although it's not the front row or anything, *the last row* still better cause we can sit down while waiting for the thing to start. xD 

Didn't get much picture of the whole event because I was busy screaming and shouting and high-ing xD heheheh, and also because i have a very sucky camera and there are sooo many other people with nice camera and let them do their job xD I did try to take pictures with my camera but then, it's soooooo blur and sucky I can't post it here.. 

For a famous star like him, I expect it to start very late, but nooooo, it started a while past 7 which is considered early for Malaysian timing. He started the night with the song from his new album, 丑角, and two other songs from previous albums; 刮目相看 and 世界唯一的你. And, there were breaks in between songs for interview, games and interaction. 

He is so nice that he came down the stage and walk all the way to the back to get closer with Zone B fans. xD 

Where to get this kind of thoughtful celebrity? And, it's been a while since he come back and promote his album. So, double excitement for all GFC-ers and also all the fans that had been waiting for him. 

Ok. Now let me tell you what is soooooo exciting about this promo. I GET TO BE ON STAGE WITH HIM. If you watch entertainment news, you might (or might not) seen me. I don't know because I got no TV. Hehe, GFCers sang birthday song on stage. 

The cake is a big Number 5, which signifies that WE ARE FIVE YEARS OLD!! 

And, GFC celebrates it's 5th anniversary. We're 5 years old. 5 years is not long, and its not short either. In this 5 years, I graduated from high school, graduated from pre-u, and now i am pursuing my dream and graduating from my degree program next year. Even a 5 year old baby can now walk, talk, run, scream, etc. *tears of joy* I wasn't with GFC previously. Only started to join their activities recently, why? because I shy. I hope for more 5 years ahead of us xD Hope to join in more GFC activities in the future!! XD If memory didn't fail me, I started in July 2006, almost 5 years ago. But only officially joined the  club in 2008. And now it's 2011. xD 

FYI: GFC is Gary Friend Club, not Gary Fan Club. 

Ohya, during that night, he also announce that he is going to have his Sensation World Tour on July 16!!! Mark your calender!! xD I've marked mine.... 

If you have time, watch the video and spot me!! xD Now I can say, "Mummy, I'm on You Tube!!!" XD

P.S: I just found out that I have a paper on Monday the 18th!~!!!! This is sooooo unfair ok. Previous semesters we have papers everyday back to back and now! now that i have plan they become so nice and have 1 day break in between papers. [!!!] I have to come up with a new plan wtf. I must attend the concert and I cant screw another paper. ahhhhh timing is just sooo....
*whyyyyy does it have to always clash....* :( 

P.P.S: if you are wondering why is this post so messy and the facts are so unorganised, then i'll tell you that i took 3 days writing this.. because i am oh-so-busy and this is a serioously long post. it was longer at first with more pictures, took out some of the pictures because it would take longer to write this. xD and if it gets any longer, i might have just give up writing and go stalk ppl on fb or something. 

P.P.P.S: i must say, the organiser did a good job. good crowd control, and it seems like everything went smoothly that night.