Friday, 26 August 2011


life is tough these days. 
especially this few days.
this is the toughest moment so far...
the journey in the past 2 years is not easy,
but i have made it so far, 
and now, i might have to walking.
and choose another path.

should i?

i need answers.

i am tired,
i have no more energy to carry on, 
but i have made it thru so far,
is it worth it?

i'm almost at the end of the journey. 
but this rock is too huge for me. 

too huge. 
im seriously tired. 

whats the use of crying,
answers don't flow out with the tears.

but i really cant take it anymore. 


i am such a big disappointment for everyone who cared. 
im sorry. 
i have betrayed ur trust. 

if there is a hole,
i would hide and sulk there. 

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